Bear Notes-Wk23 Feb. 8th - 12th

Serving kids. Growing scholars.

Note from the principal...


As you know Friday was the 100th day of school. I know, I can hardly believe it too, this school year is over halfway finished. And with there only being 76 more days to go, it makes each day so important. Each day represents an opportunity for us to grow professionally, improve our skills and of course helps kids to be successful. As I sat watching the biggest game of the year I couldn't help but think about time, and how it is so limited. How the Broncos and Panthers trained for months for their one shot to play in Super Bowl 50, an opportunity that will never come again. So how does that compare to what we are called to do? It's really all the same. We work hard given a limited amount of time to ensure scholars are successful, that they move on to the next grade level prepared, that they do well on the big assessments, i.e. STAAR, ACP's, ITBS, TELPAS and that they grow socially and psychologically. It may not seem as exciting as the "big game" but it is certainly as (if not more) important! So let's not let time get away from us. Let's make each of the next 76 day as important as the first 100 were. Let's continue to focus on serving kids and growing scholars!

As I close I do want to mention some of what I say in classrooms last week. I was able to get into several classrooms. I saw Ms. Henderson and her scholars creating their own story problems in math, Ms. Brewah and scholars using techniques from Empowering Writers to strengthen her scholars' writing skills. I also saw Ms. Walton and her scholars during writing where she was pushing her scholars to justify their answers. During reading Ms. Griffin and her scholars were locating facts and details from a passage and also incorporating writing into their reading lesson. And in math I saw Ms. McClendon and her scholars utilizing technical reading, a skill they just learned and fractions, fractions , fractions were name of the game in both Ms. Montes' and Ms. Black's classrooms. And wouldn't you know, both were limiting the amount of teacher talk they did and focused on allowing their scholars to do the cognitive lifting in the classroom. Nice work all!

Have an awesome week!


100th Day of School

Ms. Bates, thanks for sharing your 100th day with us!

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Brashear TEI - 45-minute Extended Observation Window open!

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January EOM has two winners...

Ms. Venable

Ms. P. Campos

Nice work ladies!

Kindness Week!

What random acts of kindness are you planning for this week?

Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is one of the district non-nutritional days. If you are planning something special for your classroom please be sure to let the office know your plans. As a rule of thumb we don't want to spend more than 30 minutes of instructional time celebrating Valentine's Day.

No PLC's this week.

Since we will not have Admin. PLC's this week please be sure to turn in your tutoring sign-in sheets, tutoring lesson plans and samples of scholar work from the week ending Feb. 1st - Feb. 5th

5th 6-Weeks Day of Planning Schedule

Friday, Feb. 12th - Grade 2

Tuesday, Feb. 16th - Reading (Grades 3-5)

Wednesday, Feb. 17th - Math (Grades 3-5)

Thursday, Feb. 18th - Writing/Science (Grades 3-5)

Friday, Feb. 19th - Grade 1

Teachers please go ahead and secure subs as needed.

Upcoming Events

Jan. 11th - Feb. 22nd - Extended Observation Window

Feb. 8th - 12th - Kindness Week

Feb. 8th - 12th - 4th 6-Weeks assessment window

Monday, Feb. 8th - PD TELPAS Training 3:45 - 4:30 (Cafeteria)

Wednesday, Feb. 10th - STAAR Forum for parents 9:00 (Auditorium)

Thursday, Feb. 11th - Art Partners - J & J Songs Using Mathematics Grade 2 - 9:00; Grade 3 - 10:00

Friday, Feb. 12th - Art Partners - J & J Songs Using Mathematics Grade 4 - 9:00; Grade 5 - 10:00

Friday, Feb. 12th - Blackout date

Friday, Feb. 12th - Valentine's Celebrations (optional)

Friday, Feb. 12th - Father Daughter Dance 6:30 - 8:30

Feb. 12th - 19th - 5th 6-Weeks Planning Meetings window (see schedule for more details)

Monday, Feb. 15th - No school President's Day

Tuesday, Feb. 16th - Blackout date

Wednesday, Feb. 17th - Principals' Meeting 1:00 - 5:00

Thursday, Feb. 18th - Kimball Feeder Pattern Meeting 9:00 - 12:00

Friday, Feb. 19th - End of the 4th 6-Weeks

Monday, Feb. 22nd - Start of the 5th 6-Weeks

Thursday, Feb. 25th - Black History Program 6:00pm

Jacquelyn Burden - Principal

Affirmation of the Week - I give and receive with a grateful heart.

Quote of the Week -

"Everybody is going to be excited to play in a Super Bowl. When you still enjoy the preparation and the work part of it, I think you ought to be still doing that. I think as soon as I stop enjoying it, if I can't produce, if I can't help a team, that's when I will stop playing."

Peyton Manning