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We're Going Buggy for Preschool!

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a great spring break! During the next two weeks we will be discussing Bugs. We will read the books The Grouchy Ladybug the first week and In the Tall, Tall Grass the second week. When we read our book during the second week we will talk about caterpillars and butterflies. As part of our lesson we will get to observe caterpillars make the change to butterflies. The transition takes a few weeks so look for your child to come home and tell you about the caterpillars and the changes they see.

Weekly Skills

During the next few weeks we will work on a variety of preschool skills. These skills are modified to make sure they are appropriate for the variety of ages we have in our class. Below is a list of some of the skills we will work on during our bug theme.
  1. Letter Mm. We will identify, label and tell the sound the letter makes.
  2. We will identify the feelings happy, sad, mad, silly, surprised, scared, and excited. We will encourage the children to express their feelings using their words and interacting with others.
  3. Identify/label different bugs. Butterfly, ladybug, bee, dragonfly and grasshopper will be the bugs we focus on.
  4. Scissor Skills. All the children continue to improve with their use of scissors. We will continue to have the children manipulate scissors independently and follow a specific line to cut on with little deviation.
  5. Numbers 1-10 are a focus for the AM Class and the numbers 1-20 are a focus for the PM Class. We do multiple activities throughout the day to encourage children to label and identify numbers in each of the stated number ranges.

Home Activities

As we work on a variety of skills during the next two weeks we look for further reinforcement of skills at home. This continued encouragement of concepts will increase understanding and application of those skills. Below are activities to do at home.
  1. Go outside and play with your child. As you play different games search for bugs. You can also look for changes to symbolize Spring. Point out buds on the trees and flowers starting to come out of the ground.
  2. Use the activities attached in the e-mail to reinforce skills we have worked on throughout the weeks.
  3. Hide buttons in rice or shaving cream and pretend you are looking for bugs. Tell what colors you find and how many of each color. Write down the amounts to help your child start to label numbers.
  4. Draw circles on paper and have your child cut them out. Then decorate them to look like different bugs.
  5. Use the video of the ladybug song, shown below at home. We will be using it during the weeks at school. Also have fun with the video of the weather song. We use the weather song each time we talk about the weather. The children love the weather song!
  6. Go over to the local library to find books on bugs.
  7. Check out the Indianapolis Zoo's White River Gardens to see the butterflies.
  8. Send in pictures to school of items that start with the letter M.
Frank Leto's Ladybug Ladybug Song
Weather Song For Kids: The Sun Comes Up!


  1. Kindergarten Round-Up is scheduled for Thursday, April 17, at all HSE elementary schools. If your child will be attending kindergarten next year, you are invited to attend at the elementary school your child will be attending. You and your child will be able to tour the school, meet the kindergarten teachers, and take a bus ride around the parking lot. If you are unable to attend, contact the school your child will be attending to inquire about an alternate time to complete registration. Even though your child is enrolled in the early childhood program, your child is not registered for kindergarten until you have completed the forms. If you are unsure which elementary school your child should attend, you can go to the HSE website Click on the tab "Our District." On the left hand side, you will see the links "Maps and Boundaries" and "Subdivision-School Finder." Both of those will help you find the correct elementary school your child should attend. If you have questions, please let me know.
  2. Check out the FREE Spring movies in the park at the Nickel Plate District.
  3. Conner Prairie celebrates National Autism Awareness Month. Conner Prairie is offering FREE admission one hour before opening for families of children affected by autism and other challenges. These mornings are designed with special needs visitors in mind and will present a quieter setting for families. No reservation required. Saturday, 4/5 and 4/12 from 9-10 am.

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