Conserving Natural Resources

By: Geraldine Saldierna and Sebastián Fajardo

Why is it important to label the species in the red list?

It is important to label the species in the Red List in order to make conscience that there's species that need to be taken care of more than others.

Categories and Criteria

Extinct: Theres no doubt the last inddividual of a specie has died, or is known to no longer exist.

Extinct in the wild: When the specie can only be found in captivity, and not in the wild.

Critically endangered: When a specie is known to be in an extremly high risk of extinction.

Endangered: When a specie is in danger, but not critically. It may be facing extinction in the near future. This is caused by population loss.

Vulnerable: When there is a chance for a specie to be extinct in the mideum term future. Can become endangered unless the circumstances around them get better.

Near thretened: When theres a possibility for the evaluated specie to become extinct in the future, but does not qualify to the Red List.

Least Concerned: When a specie is not qualified in any of the other categories, because there many of them in the wild. It is more likely for this specie to survive.

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Odontoceti species

  • Vaquita: this specie of purpoise is the most endangered specie of 129 extant marine mammals they are endemic to the gulf of california.

  • Sperm whale: this whale status is vulnerable they are found in all the oceans but not in the black sea it contains high concentrations of sulphur and hydrogen sulphide.

  • Killer whales:The whale status is not defined since there are three types of these specie they can be found in many places around the world they can stand any water temperature they can even be in freshwater areas.

  • Narwhal:Their status are near threatened They live in cold places mostly in the arctic

  • Beluga: Their status is near threatened they live in the arctic.

Mysticeti Species

Blue whale (Balaenoptera Musculus): The specie of baleen whale, is in the category of endangered whales. They are found in the North Atlantic and North Pacific.

Antarctic Blue Whale (Balaenoptera Musculus Intermedia): This specie of Baleen whale is in the category of critically endangered. It is found in the Southern Ocean, also known as Antarctic Ocean.

Pygmy Blue Whale: This specie of baleen whale is in the category of data deficient, according to the IUCN Red List. It is found in the Indian and South Pacific Ocean.

Minke whale (balaenoptera acutorostrata): This specie is in the category of least concern. It is found in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Fin whale (Balaenoptera Physalus): This specie is in the category of endangered. It is found in all major oceans, from polar to tropical waters.


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