Aggressive Thrill Ride

Type of Motion the Detonator Exhibits

While on Detonator you experience extreme straight-line motion. You experience straight-line motion when the ride goes up and down.

How Does Acceleration Change Throughout the Ride

The acceleration changes when the ride alters direction by going up and down. It also, changes speed throughout the ride.

Two Forces the Rider and the Ride Experience

Forces the Rider Experience: Applied Force and Gravity. The rider experiences applied force when the ride goes up and stop, but the rider keeps going up. Then, the straps hold them from flying up and falling to their death. After the applied force is applied and the ride is brought back to their seat gravity is hold them there right now. Also, they experience gravity throughout the whole ride because we experience gravity every second we are on earth.

Forces the Ride Experience: Friction and Applied Force. The ride experiences friction when the breaks are applied and the ride stops. The ride experiences applied force when the breaks are APPLIED.

Which of Newton's Laws Affects the Ride

Newtons Third Law affects the ride because when the rider sit on the seat the seat response with a equal and opposite reaction.