The Middle Colonies

The Greatest Region In the World

Where Are The Middle Colonies?

Where are the Middle Colonies you ask? The Middle Colonies are located between the New England Colonies and the Southern Colonies. We have colonies with beautiful scenery such as Albany placed next to the large and glamorous Hudson River.

Making A Living

People want to know how they can make a living before they move to a certain place. Most people trade and farm which is usual for middle or lower class people in all three colonies. Farmers receive their money by selling cash crops. It is very good since the soil is fertile. There are also many artisans that live here. As usual women are housewives. You better make your way here quickly before all of these wonderful and glorious job are taken.

Political System

Here at the Middle Colonies each colony is appointed a governor. The governor directs a colony's affairs and enforces laws for the colony. Each colony also has a legislature, which in nearly every colony is divided into two parts, an upper house and a lower house. the lower house is elected by the male residents of the colony. That's right, you get to choose half of the representatives to make decisions.

Religions and Diversity

Most of the people that live here are Dutch colonists. They are mainly protestant from the Dutch Reformed Church. At the Middle Colonies, we allow religious freedom. The Dutch allow people of other religions such as Roman Catholics, French Protestants, and Jews, to buy land.

Daily Life/Kids

Churches set up privates schools for children, but only wealthy families can afford to get their children educated. If you are a wealthy family, the Middle Colonies is a perfect place for your child to receive education.

Slavery in the Middle Colonies...

Slavery is used very often, and slaves were very valuable. In fact, a quarter of most towns' populations are African slaves. These slaves are used to cook, clean, pick cotton, and farm. Come on down to the Middle Colonies so you can capitalize on the chance of having valuable people do these tiresome jobs for you.