Computer Components

By Joe Page


A conputer drive is the main storage system on a computer.

In school we have a "read only drive" with only thechears can save documents in.


A compouter monitor is a ouput device with displays inputs and displays them on the screen.


The cpu is like the computers brain.Without the CPU, you wouldn’t be able to play games, type research papers, or go on the internet.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory. RAM is sort of the computers sub-conscience memory of the computer. It remebers what you did a long time ago. It helps the computer run faster, more ram the quicker it is.


Read Only Memory, you cant edit the datd you can only play it back. eg dvd or blueray.


Motherboard is the main component of the computer. Think of motherboard as the nervous system in your body, it connect each part of your body to the brain.

Inputs and Outputs

An output is aything which gives you something. A printer is a good example because it turns whats on the screen into a copy you can hold in your hands.

Touch Screens

A touch screen allows you to not use a mouse or track pad, instead you just touch the icon to take you to another page. e.g an IPad or smart phone.