Chinese Inventions: Cast Iron

Zawad Quazi & Christian Fuentes

Uses on Cast Irons

Cast iron was placed on the ground and coal was used as fuel. They were mostly used for pots and pans and ovens. They were later used for longer sword and eventually houses were made out of cast iron.

What is Cast Iron made from?

Cast iron is iron or a ferrous alloy which has been heated until it liquefies, and is then poured into a mold to solidify. It is usually made from pig iron. The alloy constituents affect its color when fractured: white cast iron has carbide impurities which allow cracks to pass straight through.

Who invented Cast Irons?

The earliest cast iron artifacts date to the 5th century BC, and were discovered by archaeologists in what is now modern Lupe Country, Jiansu in China. Cast iron was used in ancient China for warfare, agriculture, and architecture.
Reconditioning Cast Iron