Date and place of birth and death:

Born: November 10, 1930 in Iudhina, India

Death: September 9, 2013


B.A degree with honors in mathematics in the university of punjab.

He also completed his Ph.D in nuclear forces in the university of cambridge

Major Contributions to physics

Riazuddin the field of high-energy, designed theoretical and mathematical design of pakistans nuclear weapons.

brief summary

Riazuddin was one of Pakistan's top scientists and is widely known theoretical physicists in Pakistan and abroad. Starting his scientific research in physics in 1958, Riazuddin was one of the senior scientist and considered one of the early pioneers of Pakistan nuclear weapons development and Atomic deterrence development. He was the director of the Theoretical Physics Group (TPG) of the Pakistan atomic enerdy commision (PAEC) from 1974 until 1984.