Mrs. Delbridge's Explorers


Auction Items Needed!!!

As you probably know our second graders earn Cheetah Cub bucks as part of our behavior management system. Some of our students have saved mega bucks!!! This Thursday, we will hold a classroom auction. We NEED donations, ideas include fun summer things to do like water toys, art, and puzzles. The dollar stores or Target dollar bins have items like - sidewalk chalk, pool toys, bubbles, crayons, stickers etc... Please donate to this exciting event, I promise everyone will leave with a prize!


I can't believe it's already here! Time goes by faster every year. I will miss each and every one of these incredible children. Thank you for sharing these beautiful people with me this year. We have shared jokes, hugs, and probably a germ or two! I will treasure this last week together.

Everyday this week will have a special theme. We are going to have some fun! I won't reveal all my plans, (because I want the kids to be surprised) but I will let you know what they need to bring!

Tuesday- Bring puzzles and/ or art supplies.

Wednesday - Ok... some classes are planning on eating pizza, we are NOT. Students can bring or buy lunch as usual. However, I promise they will be TREATed! Have them bring towel, sunglasses or hat. We will eat lunch, picnic style outside.

Thursday - Bring blanket and /or pillow and books. Auction will take place on this day!

Friday - Bring yearbook/ Item to sign and pens.

Important Dates

Monday May 29- No School- Memorial Day

Thursday June 1- Learning Celebrations - 2nd Grade 1:00-130;

Friday June 2- LAST DAY!!! EARLY RELEASE!!!


Please continue to read each and every day, including summer!!! It is so important to reinforce the skills your child has achieved this school year. Have fun finding new books, making connections, and retelling facts and stories.

Specials Rotations

A day- PE

B day- Library

C day- PE

D day- Performing Arts (We are here Tuesday 5/30)

E day- PE

F day- Visual Arts


LANGUAGE ARTS : Evaluating and Creating Ways to Persuade ; Exploring Procedures, One Step at a Time!

DRA Expectations - END OF 4TH NINE WEEKS

Level 28 Independent


Concepts from Units 21-27

Core Words 136-170


Measurement, Fractions & Multi-Digit Computation with Hungry Ants

Army Ants: Length in Metric Units

Ant Treats: Division & Fractions

Adding & Subtracting Three-Digit Numbers

Writing & Solving Story Problems

Measurement, Data & Multi-Digit Computation with Marble Rolls

Revisiting Place Value & Three-Digit Computation

Building Marble Rolls & Collecting Data

Collecting & Analyzing More Marble Roll Data

Student-Conducted Surveys


Understanding Our History and Culture

In this unit, students will examine the impact of significant events on the history of the community, as well as, the state and nation. Students begin to develop the concepts of time and chronology. Students will build on their understanding of the local community, state, and nation in order to identify and explain the importance of celebrations, landmarks, and works of art. Students will broaden their views of the communities to which they belong and the world to include state and nation.


Aquatic Habitats and Plants

Organisms and Environments