Sodium Bicarbonate

A chemical compound- (NaHCO3). Also known as baking soda.

Why should you use it? Also what is it for?

  • The medical treatment you can use it for if your doctor recommend it.
  • To relieve the amount of stomach acid we have in our body. Also to relieve heartburn.
  • This can be used for medication
  • Its a big day if you are not given to you by a doctor do USE it.

What are the forms it can come in? What is baking soda purpose?

  • Tablet, Sodium, Powder, Granule, Capsule
  • The purpose of baking soda is many things but the most common you may of herd for is used for cooking.
  • Other ways that we can use baking soda is to (Help your teeth to get healthier).
  • Used for medicine, also you can use it for you hair even.
  • Its a simple product that we can all find in stores but used for a lot of different things.

Sodium Bicarbonate= Baking soda

What some fun you could have with it.

What are the common uses for baking soda?

  • One is you can use it for personal hygiene.
  • Another one you can use it for is a cleaning product.
  • A fun fact it can be used for invisible ink.

By: Sophia Schwass