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Google Certifications for the Tech-Savvy Educator


Yesterday I had an incredible opportunity to do something that is one of my favorite parts of my position as a Technology Integrationist Lead Teacher. I was invited to present at a feeder elementary school on Google Docs for their afternoon professional development. As I was driving back to school to present a small portion of my middle school PD, I was thinking about how awesome these experiences are each time I go. I get to meet educators who are eager to learn about different aspects of Google tools and learn how each of these tools can be incorporated into their classroom. But, once I am finished presenting, there are opportunities for even more learning. Teachers can take ownership of their own learning and become certified educators through Google and learn as much (if not more) than I have! There are three certifications for you to be aware of if you decide to engage in these certifications.

Google Certified Educator Level 1

The purpose of the Level 1 educator exam is for those educators who are comfortable using Google Tools in their classroom. If you consider yourself "proficient" in each of the Google tools, you're suited to take this exam. Plus, the $10 exam fee makes it so it can be accessed and taken by countless teachers nationwide. The exam structure consists of a multiple choice section of around 25 questions, then a lengthy set of tasks that include setting up a Google Doc, creating a Google Form, or sorting a Google Sheet. However, this all must be done in under 180 minutes. Although it may seem like plenty of time, it's important to keep an eye on the time remaining because time seems to creep away when you're testing. If you'd like to visit the requirements for this exam, visit the Google Educator Level 1 exam.

Google Certified Educator Level 2

If you feel that the Level 1 Certified exam is a walk in the park, then you can head directly to the Level 2 exam. With no prerequisite, this assessment is for those individuals who would classify themselves as experts in the G Suites for Education domain. Even though the registration fee is $25, it's well worth the price for the exam. Again, you are given 180 minutes to take the exam. I rang in 2017 by taking and completing this exam on January 2. I used nearly the entire time due to tasks being much more intricate than Level 1. If you'd like to visit the requirements for this exam, visit the Google Educator Level 2 page.

Google Certified Trainer

Becoming a Google Certified Trainer is the ultimate goal of tech savvy teachers everywhere. In fact, this is the training and certification I am currently working on. I cannot wait to earn this title. To become a Trainer is an application process that consists of six tasks that need to be met before the classification is official. The first and second go hand-in-hand, which is the Trainer Course to provide an overview of the Google tools and their effective uses in the classroom. Then, the second task is to pass the Trainer exam. This test is different than the previous 2 in that it consists of 25 multiple choice and matching questions and is completed in 90 minutes. Tasks three and four are the Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Educator badges respectively. Then, the fifth task is to Film a Trainer video that's a three minute introduction, a screen cast on a Google tool, and suggestions on how to use this in the classroom. The final step is to apply and wait to see that you're accepted. All of these details can be found on the Google Certified Trainer page.

Shout Outs!

First of all, I'd like to give a HUGE shout out to Davenport Community School District Lead Support Teacher Jen Van Fleet on recently achieving her Google Certified Trainer Certification. What an amazing accomplishment and couldn't have happened to a better person!

I'd also like to give a special shout out to Mike Orfitelli and his staff at Garfield Elementary for allowing me to come and present and for such a warm reception. It's meetings like these that make me love what I do and look forward to the next school that I get the opportunity to present at. If you're interested in having me visit, e-mail me! I'm always happy to present on Google tools and help educators engage students in numerous ways using the G Suite for Education tools.

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