The Digital World is Ours!

hosted by Amanda Li

Your Digital World Awaits You!

Congratulations! You found me! Do you want a prize? Of course everyone wants a reward! You are invited to join the event "The Digital World is Ours!" Have you ever want to create a website? A game? This is the event you have been waiting for! We accept anyone! Refreshments will be served and music! The digital world is Ours! Join us!

The Digital World is Ours!

Tuesday, April 12th, 1pm

Emerson, NJ, United States

Emerson, NJ

An event for all ages! Kids and Adults will be on electronic devices to create their project.

PAUSE! Do you Know Why we are Doing This?

The purpose of this event is to show the kids digital citizenship and citizenship is very similar on the computers, how easy things are by a simple click. Anyone can say or do anything on the computer. This event is free of charge, anyone can join us. Refreshments are served along with music and games. There will be Kids and Adults section of the event so it would be easier for different hosts explaining to Kids and Adults. This event will show you what you are capable of and let yourself flow! In this event we will do 3 activities on the computer :

  • Creating a Website
  • Create a game
  • Coding

Creating a Website :

People will be able to experiment on creating any kind of topic for their website. (Of Course, be appropriate.) There will be people walking around to help anyone who is confused on what we are doing. We will be using Google Sites and other internet resources to make the website.

Create a Game :

Many people had played games. But don't you ever want to make your own? In this Section, we will be creating simple programming of games. The theme of the games is : Digital Citizenship. There will be different kind of games people will make. groups of children and adults will be in groups to make a game. It will be published in the app store, Android or browser game. There will be templates and tutorials that will help kids and adults to guide them along when making their projects.

Coding :

Everything you make or do involves with coding. Adults and kids will be taught how to code. This activity will show that you can create anything by the tips of your fingers.

Adults and Kids coding will be different. Kids coding will be a lot more simpler for kids to understand. Adults will experience alot more complicate coding for example :



Color.Wait for and locate pixel pattern("13,77,186,0,110,9,61,169,0,180,18,95,192,200,-290,2,59,169,0,110,10,63,171,0,180,11,72,177", "10", "x", "y")

Variable.Evaluate (Math)("{y}+45", "y1")


if Color.Near coordinate is within (RGB range)("{r1}", "{g1}", "{b1}", "5", "{xIcon1}", "{yTopRow}", "11")