Own a bike like a cruiser: Avenger

On the Look-Out for a Cruiser? Bajaj Avenger Is Your Answer!

Bajaj Avenger: A perfect cruiser bike perfect for Indian roads

Every real biker has always wanted to own one and finally, we might have a chance to own a bike that is perfectly suited as a cruiser for Indian roads. There have been others in the past, but nothing this complete and this perfect for Indian roads. The Bajaj Avenger is the answer to that exact requirement. It is a bike customized for the cruiser friendly highway that has been a dream for many. So, what does the bike look like and what are the specifications? Let's find out!

How cruizer bike should look

When it comes to the styling department, the bike does have a complete revamp from the earlier version. The bike looks brilliant in both the cruise 220 and the street version, but the cruise version just takes the pick because of the mean cruise look that it has going. The large windshield in the front is a massive hit and gels with the bike brilliantly. There are not many bikes in the Indian market that can pull of a look like this, but Bajaj has got it perfect this time. The wire spoke wheels and the pillion backrests are instant hits and the chrome body completes the package.

Bajaj Avenger: Technical specifications

When it comes to the engine displacement, the avenger 220 has a 219.9 cc DTS-I oil cooled engine that powers 18.7 bhp through. The maximum torque generated is at 7,000 rpm. With 5 speed gear, the bike is more relaxed through and the step ups are very smooth - much expected when you are cruising on the highway.

Bajaj Avenger is a perfect built for the highway storm

The Bajaj avenger cruise 220 has the power to back it up and without a doubt the looks too. The previous editions did have wide tyres to highlight their presence on the road and it is no different here. With 90/90 tyres in the front along with 17 inch wheels and 130/90 tyres on the 15-inch wheels at the back are definite winners. Would you choose any differently if you had the choice? Quite unlikely! Another point to notice is that the bike sports a 14 L fuel tank that should serve the purpose on long highway rides.

Bajaj Avenger: A great bike at a great price

With a price of Rs 84,000/- (ex-showroom Delhi), the Bajaj Avenger is a perfect built for the highway storm. A great bike at a great price would be the perfect way to describe it. There have been many bikes that have tried to capture this space in the Indian market, but it seems the Avenger charm might just work better. One of the famous phrases that came with the bike is 'feels like god'... it is not too different with this bike. There is zero stress with long journeys, especially with a completely revamped seats and seating designs. You would be in for a treat if you are planning a long ride across states. You cannot go too wrong with this bike getting the basics right. Definitely a must ride if you are looking for a cruiser in the Indian market. Would be right to say that it has too many pluses to ignore!

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