Friday Focus

January 29, 2016

Mid-Year Effective Educator Review Information

February 19 is the due date for all WRPS educators to complete our mid-year review for their Educator Effectiveness plan. This involves the School Learning Objective (SLO) and Professional Practice Goal (PPG).

Nic and/or I will be meeting with all Howe faculty the week of February 15-19 to help facilitate the review with you. Our goal is to provide support for this process in order to help faculty improve their practice and students to be successful. Stay tuned for the schedule.

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Student assessment data will be a primary resource in these discussions. Here are some examples of data that we may want to have access to during this time:

  • Interim/benchmark results (reading, writing, mathematics)
  • Screener results
  • Reading inventories and book logs around indicators of engaged reading
  • Test/quiz results from classroom assessments
  • Report cards
  • Student interest surveys
  • Reflective journals (students and/or teacher)
  • Student self-assessments
  • Parent feedback
  • Writing samples
  • Images and video of student learning

Yes, all of these items are considered data. More importantly, what data points will serve your SLO and PPG and inform your current instruction? Taking multiple measures to understand the complexities of the classroom is called triangulation. Using data in this way paints a broader picture of what is happening with student achievement and growth.

Here is my example, with the School Learning Objective in the middle and the three pieces of data used to measure the SLO around it (my PPG is using instructional walks in lieu of formal classroom observations).

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Will these data points help determine if literacy engagement has increased at Howe Elementary School? I think so, but time will tell. That's the challenging part about this process: Selecting the information to help inform professional inquiry.

Clear as mud? :-) The journey is as important as the destination. With that, start thinking about what data will or could serve to inform your own practice. Our time together will be spent on this topic. Any information you can organize ahead of time would be helpful.



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After taking time to review your students' growth from fall to winter in writing, consider adding a few comments in the spreadsheet (see image). This could serve as helpful data during our conversations during mid-year EE plan reviews.

Self-Defense Class Cancelled

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Due to low enrollment, this February 4th offering at Howe has been cancelled. If there is renewed interest in the future, let me know.
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Grade Level Teams

Friday, Feb. 5th, 8am

221 8th Street North

Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Purpose: Put together draft of a common substitute teacher lesson plan