Freshman Year

Angela Paiano

Introducing You To Freshman Year

Welcome to 9th grade English! This year will be full of reading and fun projects! Be prepared when you come to class and work hard. If you don't work hard you will not do the best that you can in this class.

Parts I Did Like

I liked independent reading. I use to hate reading, but now I found books that I really like. It's also easy points. You read the book, then go to her room to sit there and talk to her about your book. If you choose not to read your book and do bad on your book talk, it could also hurt your grade.

Parts I Didn't Like

I didn't like doing an article of the week. I've never liked doing them. It's worth a grade, so it's just something you have to do. If you just don't do it, that's 20 points you will have to figure out how to gain back.

Things You Will Study and Read This Year

Romeo and Juliet

You will watch three different versions of Romeo and Juliet. You will also read parts of it in text. You will learn about Shakespeare and his past. You will look at some of his work and learn how the use to talk.
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The Hunger Games

You will read The Hunger Games. You will be assigned groups and you work together on activities and projects. At the end You watch the movie and fill out a packet as you watch.
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The Odyssey

I though that this was the most fun thing we had done. We learned about the Trojan War and watched Troy. We learned about some Greek gods and goddesses. Then we made flash cards for the gods and goddesses to help study for the test.
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You will read the book Monster in class. Sometimes you'll have to read on your own time. It's a good book, I think everyone will enjoy reading it. As you read it, before you to to the end, you write an argument on what you think happens in the end.
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Advice for Freshman Year

1. Always be prepared for class. - teachers do not want to be interrupted when they are teaching-

2. Do your homework. - If you never do homework, it's very easy to fail and very hard to get your grade back up-

3. Pay attention in class. -some teachers will not repeat themselves if you don't know whats going on-

4. Finish your work on time. - some teacher don't except late work-

5. Keep your binder/ notebooks organized. -at the end of the 9 weeks, a lot of your grade is from your binder/ notebook-

"Work Hard. Play Harder." - anonymous