Six Impossible Things


1. Thinking of six impossible things

I can't think of six impossible things are there are so many impossible things I could list. Many things on my impossible thing list are very short and brief and some are long, deep and meaningful to me.

2. Be able to help others struggling with poverty.

To be able to stop others struggling with poverty would be amazing. So many people struggle with it daily. Some even don't find a way to above the poverty line, especially in third world countries.

I think it's unfair that so many people have all this money they waste on clothes for themselves when they already have 5 closets full, use the money to by things they don't really need. Why waste this money when they can use it to help others. Let kids in Africa eat, go to school and learn. Give people a safe place to go at night. Helping others out rather than giving it back to the money grubbing.

3. Being able to chose the time you were born in.

I honestly wish I was born in the mid/late 70's in America as that would of made me a teenager in the early 90's when good music was around (The Smiths (to the right), Dixy's Midnight Runners) people weren't judge mental on what you wore, or what you drove. You could be yourself (mostly).
The only thing I dislike about the early 90's is that they were very homophobic and racist.

4. Help Stop Self-Mutilation in Teenagers and Young Adults.

Self-mutilation is very serious and affects many young people in society today. Many of which are between the ages of 12 and 21 and though girls are more likely to self-harm, many boys do it as well.

Many of these people that do self-harm believe that they have the worst life, but also know there are people around the world that do have a worse life than others.
Self-harm can also lead to other things much worse like suicide if things continue to seem to get worse.

I'm not saying that all self-harms end up attempting suicide but most do think about it on occasion.

5. To be able to find a cure to disease that does not have one.

To be able to find a cure for some diseases would be my 5th impossible thing. To be able to cure something like cancer would be amazing as many people all around the world die from the different types of cancer. Their are surgeries to prevent some types of cancer but for those who are diagnosed the most you can do is try and beat it.

Other types of disease can't be beaten, only dealt with, like diabetes. As someone who lives with diabetes it can be very stressful when first diagnosed. You can also feel very sad and/or confused to as why this happened to you. At first, I was fine with it. I just accepted that this kind of thing happens. It's not your fault. But after it finally sinks in, you hate it. You hate every aspect of it. The constant testing, injections and people asking if you are okay every 5 seconds. The thing you hate most is that it's you that has to deal with it. You can't just go out on a whim and do something without caring about blood sugar. You have to check, eat if your too low, even sit out of the activity.

A cure would be amazing. For both cancer and diabetes.

6. A world without racism and homophobia.

A world without racism and homophobia would be an almost perfect world.

So many people are bullied for their race but they didn't choose Korean, African, Spanish, Russian, Mexican or any other race. It's a part of who they are. Many bullies don't like it when people say stuff about them, so why say it about others even if they are different from you.

Many people are also bullied for their sexuality. If you are straight, then you are perfect in others eyes. If you are gay, bisexual or trans then good. BE different. The more unique you are the more you are yourself. Who cares what others say, you are you. Don't let others control you because they don't like that you are different from them.

'There is nothing wrong with you, only the world we live in.'
Embrace yourself because baby, YOU WERE BORN THIS WAY!