A person to person coaching programme.

Put Fears And Doubts Away. Begin Your SELF EMPLOYMENT Journey CONFIDENTLY.

This SELF EMPLOYMENT Training programme is designed for male and female candidates aged above 22 and are English Language proficient. Included are working and stay home mothers plus the retired. Those in employ and wanting to get out of the income and career growth choke or an employer's clutch would also love this type of training programme.

  • SELF EMPLOYMENT is being in a business for an extra income; for personal development; to prepare for career changes; to keep extra hours of the day,week and month filled more fulfillingly, for the family or for other reasons.
  • NETWORK MARKETING is an opportunity unique in its own way. It allows for the business initiator to convert time, initiative, efforts and passion into productive and meaningful results. Another factor is the flexibility to choose own working hours. The risk free element is assuring. Person to person as well as group coaching and the step by step hand held guidance, assures the experienced, inexperienced and beginners. The required direction of progress is retained. should be able to double up as your introduction about that dream and desire for healthier life, living and financial independence. What can you do effectively in and more confidently in 2016, so that when or before 2017 arrives, you have been coached to manage your own business that is meant to deliver healthier living for yourself and others around you.

Financial freedom is the return gift to you for the good done to society.


  • Petaling Jaya: Wednesday 6pm or 8pm preview session is of about 90 minutes.
  • Call K Thiru at 016-3712762 to confirm an appointment that you are coming.

  • The introductions, previews, person to person training and scheduling activities will all be at SAMI Direct Sdn Bhd on Level 7, Tower One Block of Jaya 33 complex in Jalan Semangat, Petaling Jaya. is for you.

  • This opportunity is open to graduates or non graduates, singles or couples, working or stay home mothers, those in employ or those seeking employment or changes in employment, the retired and others wanting to be SELF EMPLOYED or experience the interesting way of SELF EMPLOYMENT life.

Do you want to experience and gain from a SELF EMPLOYED business venture.

The Self Employment training programme is a flexi programme to accommodate the fast or the slow paced. From day one, the programme is filled with practical, easy to understand, to do sessions.

Keen to begin participants may want to ask themselves ........:

  • Are you self-motivated and focused?
  • Are you able to spend the full or part time hours DAILY?
  • Are you able to tolerate and beat the brunt of customers?
  • Is your communication and telephone skills good?
  • Are you ready for the introduction and interview?

Call K Thiru @ 016-3712762 to confirm your appointment.