How to stay safe on the internet!

How to keep safe!

What to do when you are on the internet?

When you go on the internet you need to be careful like you shouldn't put your personal details on there.For example you shouldn't put your phone number or address on there as people can track you down and bad things can happen.

But the good thing is that when you are in school you cant go on Facebook or instagram as the adverts and websites are blocked so there is a limit at school to keep people safe.

Things you should and shouldn't do on the internet!

You should:

Be aware of the things that can happen.

Ignore strangers if they talk to you.

Not share personal information.

Tell someone like a parent if someone tries to contact you.

You should either report or delete your profile if you keep getting harassed.

You shouldn't:

Talk to strangers.

Give people your address/number/other details.

Share picture that you don't want anyone to see.

Post online inappropriate pictures.

Things that can happen if you do these things!

Someone could track you and attack you.

You could get raped and other sexual harassments.

You could get robbed.

You could get followed.

App safety!

You need to keep safe on apps like Facebook,instagram,Skype and twitter as people could give you loads of trouble if you add lots of your details on the internet and on apps.


If you need any more help look on the websites and the other details online.