New York!

A Grand Colony


Peter Minuit, a Dutch man. He founded New york in 1624. The Dutch needed a trading outpost for beaver pelts; and the city had a great stratigically located port!

New York was the 11th colony founded.

What Kind of Jobs are in New York?

Here in the colony of New York, people are miners, lumberman, sailors, trappers, merchants, and craftsman.

Our major industries are Manufacturing (shipbuilding, iron works), Agriculture (cattle, grain, rice, indigo, wheat).

Reason for Name

Originally called "New Amsterdam" but changed to New York to honor the Duke of York.

Whats good about New York?

Our soil is top notch and our harvest lasts longer! Food and freedom of religion.

Famous People

Alexander Hamilton was the person who helped found New Yorks first bank called the Bank of New York. He also attended collage in Manhattan.

Thomas Dongan helped the people of New York settle back down and he signed the Charter of Liberty. He believed in the phrase “No taxation without representation.”