Mrs. Pittman's Class Update

March 25, 2016

Thank You So Much!

Wow! I just cannot say enough how thankful I am for each family I get to work with each week! You all have treated me so generously this week during Teacher Appreciation Week! I am honestly blown away by the treats, flowers, and candy that have been showered on me this week. I feel so fortunate to get to teach your children and interact with them daily. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have told the students, that my gift is just to be their teacher! You all have been so generous with your time, your gifts and your kind, sweet words. It has touched my heart and I am so grateful!

As we look toward the weekend, I send each of you a hug and good wishes for a relaxing, enjoyable weekend!

Spring Break

Please be reminded that our Spring Break begins next Thursday. We are out of school from Friday, April 1st- Sunday, April 10th. We will return bright and early Monday morning, April 11th to have one last review week before our GMAS Testing begins!

If you have plans to travel, I wish you a safe, relaxing trip!

GMAS TESTING April 18-29

Wanted to make sure everyone is aware of our dates for GMAS Testing! Please work hard to make sure your child is at school each day and has had a good night's sleep and a great breakfast. We will test about every other day those two weeks. Also, during those weeks, there will be no homework, so that your child can focus on getting some time outside each afternoon and a good night's sleep each night.

What We are Learning

Math: GMAS REVIEW and Coordinate Planes

Reading: Theme, Text Features

Writing: Constructed Responses

Social Studies: Cold War

Science: Electricity and Magnetism

Upcoming Tests and Quizes

Tuesday, 3/29: Coordinate Planes Unit Test

Wednesday, 3/30: Electricity Quiz

Thursday, 3/31: Cold War Unit Test

Thursday, 3/31: Word Study Test