Mrs. Reiber's Apple Newsletter

December 21, 2015

Important Reminders

  • The class holiday party will be on December 22 at 1:30 p.m. Hope to see you there if you are attending! Please send in any donated items you have agreed to help out with.

  • Our class will be wearing purple "Winter Olympic" t-shirts for the Winter Olympics at the end of January. The 4th grade orders shirts each year, and they cost $5.50 each. I have already received about 75% of our payments - thanks! If you need assistance with the payment, please let me know. I have a few extra shirts from last year that I can gift to your child at no cost.

  • Please check the "Mailbox Monday" papers today in your child's Apple Binder.

  • There is an OPTIONAL winter break homework grid if your child would like to complete some of the activities over winter break. Please note, it is optional -- students do not need to complete it if they don't want to! I am not grading this, but will give out Class Dojo points for fun for completion! The homework grid is on pink paper and will be in your child's Apple Binder today.

  • Students are back in school on Thursday, January 7th.

  • Last but not least, have a WONDERFUL holiday with your families! I will be traveling to Maryland to visit my parents and sisters!

Spelling Words - None this week

There are NO more spelling tests in 2015! The next spelling test will not be until 2 weeks after we come back from winter vacation. Keep practicing those math facts though!

Special Awards

The new Teacher Helper is Jordan!

Last week's "V.I.P." Class Dojo point leader was Corey!

Last week's clean desk winner was Hannah!

Caught Card Winner (school-wide): Emily (second week in a row!)


Happy birthday this week to Gia!

Happy birthday in the new year to Mary and Joshua!

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