Karen Martinez

Rio De Janeiro city Brazil

Getting There

Welcome to Rio De Janiero thanks for all the help of United airline now I'm finally here through this long schedule I'm finally here.


Where to Stay

Welcome to one of the most luxurious hotels of Rio De Janeiro the great Ipanema beach house only $32.00 per night for me and a great friend besides the Ipanema beach house there are many other great places to stay for great price.



There is so much to do in Rio De janeiro for example, we can go to the beach which also near our Ipanema beach house and there are gays and hippies. The beach is a nice place to hangout with a friend. Shopping is my hobby the amazing brands of cosmetics (Granado) and for the fashion and accessories Maria Oiticia . Really enjoyable food the Espirito santa and the lovely surf turf two of the best dishes in town I added up the prices $450.00 a week.



The only problem would be running out of money when we wouldn't be able to afford to bring back their culture or buy any food/clothing.


The only reason why I really want to go to Rio De Janeiro is importantly because I'm going with a great friend I also want to learn more about the people there and their culture and taste their foods.


About the Traveler

I really am that person that wants to have a taste of other countries and I want to learn new things I guess you can call me adventurous