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October 2021

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A Message From our Director-October 2021

Hello Chapter P!

We’re finally getting the perfect fall riding weather! To start it off, a group of us are leaving Monday the 4th for a 5-day ride to Big Bend! This is our second Big Bend Ride and it looks like it’s going to be great weather! Hope you’re planning on coming, we’re going to have a great time! We will be having our October meeting at Spring Creek BBQ Thursday, 10/14 at 7:00 pm, but come early and eat at 6:00 pm!

We will be hosting a First Aid/CPR course in Granbury on Saturday, October 30, 2021. An instructor from GWRRA will be coming to teach the course that can be credited for the Levels program. This is a 4 hour course and will be a cost of $30.00 per person. This is a great training program, hoping you will never need it but you never know for sure. The class will be at First Baptist Church Granbury at 1851 Weatherford Hwy, Granbury Tx. The first class will be 9:00-1:00 and the second class will be 2:00-6:00. Please let us know if you are interested in taking this class as there is a limit on how many students can attend.

Our new website is now active, at with the calendar, newsletter and everything! Yahoo! We could really use a webmaster, so if you have some website experience, please give us a call! Ann is doing a great job with this, but she’s got her hands full with the newsletter and teaching, we’d love it if someone could give a hand with it! Nothing big required, just loading on the newsletter and pictures!

Again, our thanks go out to Ann Graham for doing our newsletter! She does need input from us all, if you think of an interesting subject, please write it up and send it to her at Thanks to Jeff Graham for stepping up and taking the position of Treasurer, he’s doing a great job! Also thanks to Eddie & Christi for planning rides and Membership Enhancement! We have other positions to fill if you are interested, i.e. Assistant CD, webmaster, and sunshine person. Thanks to all for your participation!

We hope you are staying well and safe! Get out and ride!

Chapter P Director (Texas)

Gary & Becky Wheatley

October Ride Coordinator Newsletter Article

Awesome riding weather is here. This month I’m just going to brief you on the great rides we’ve had and the hopefully great rides to come.

Past rides: On September 4th we got in a Lunch Ride to the Purple Goat. This is the first visit there for most of us. The service, food and atmosphere were great. The parking lot was gravely but doable on our 2 wheeled Wings. The weather was even ideal for the ride for our 5 Wings and 9 Wingers.

From September 15th-19th we managed to attend the Oklahoma District Rally in Muskogee. We had 4 Wings and 8 Wingers for the trip. First of all we managed to have no rain for the 5 days there. The town of Muskogee and people there were very welcoming. Like many towns recently they apparently needed the extra traffic in town. Wednesday evening we managed to go to 2 different restaurants that were recommended on their website but had since closed. So we settled on Braum’s for dinner.

On Thursday while a couple from our group took a Safe Riding Course that was put on by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, some of the husbands were convinced to search out quilt shops. So we headed north about 20 miles to the town of Wagoner where there were 3 Quilt Shops listed. Of course the first 2 had gone out of business, but lucky for the guys the third shop fit the bill for the girls. After the shopping (with the guys keeping the bench in place on the front porch) we took a leisurely ride to a museum in Muskogee that was on our to-do list. The tour of the Three Rivers Museum was fun even if I did have to “bail” Christie out of jail.

From there it was to Registration and then the Opening Ceremony at the Civic Center. For dinner we hit Lopez Mexican Restaurant for some great food. Friday was spent shopping the vendors, playing games, judging exhibits, eating ice cream and riding in the parade. On Saturday, there was a Traders Market in the front parking lot that was fun to shop. After Closing Ceremony and dinner, we gathered in the hotel lobby playing cards and losing all our quarters to Holly. “Paybacks are heck” I hear. Sunday’s return ride was good with a stop in Springtown for a fine lunch at Shinola’s.

On Thursday the 23rd we did a Museum Ride with 8 Wings and 12 Wingers. From Granbury we rode to DeLeon to tour the Terrell Car Museum. There they had some awesome early 1900’s automobiles on display. The fact that all but one of them still ran and most of them were used on occasion in local parades was impressive. Next was just a walk across the street to Prado’s Cafe where we had a great lunch. I don’t remember who won the quarters off the table, but it wasn’t me! Next we mounted up to head west to Cross Plains to an amazing array of antique autos and baseball collectables at Woody’s Classic Car and Baseball Museum. Wow, what an awesome collection to drool over. We spent a good hour and a half and still probably didn’t see it all. We then mounted back up to head northeast for the ride back to Granbury. Not a bad day at all and got to spend 200 miles plus riding our Wings with our friends.

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Out in the West Texas Town of ....

October 4-8th we had our 5 day Ride to Big Bend NP.

On Monday we had KSU at the RaceTrac at 7am. We picked up a couple more bikes in Stephenville. I had been to the Big B before, but this time Google gave me 3 routes to choose from that showed only 15 minutes different in travel time. I chose the most southerly route- Brownwood to Brady to Menard to Eldorado to Iraan(that’s I-ra-an according to the locals) to Ft. Stockton and on to Alpine. After checking into the Travelodge we were able to sit around in the parking lot enjoying a “cold one” in the shade thanks to the Eftinks. They came down a couple of days early to get in a hike or 2 and brought several folding chairs. As we discussed and researched dinner plans we discovered that many of the restaurants in town were closed and the ones that were open couldn’t accommodate our group of 17 Wingers. But the Pizza Hut across the street was inviting so they welcomed us all in. After dinner a few of us lost our quarters to Christie who came out victorious. Thanx again to Ken and Becky Eftink for bringing the long card table and chairs.

On Tuesday we hit the road at 9am with a 60 degree temperature and a huge desire to see the sights. We headed up to see the Ft. Davis National Historic sight. We spent almost 2 hours walking the old fort and her abandoned buildings. We then climbed back on the bikes to head back into the city of Ft. Davis for lunch. It was packed when we walked into the Ft. Davis Drug Store, but they were kind enough to allow us to use a room upstairs for lunch. Bellies were now full so all is now right in the world. From there we hit the twisties up to the McDonald Observatory. Well I managed to get my second U-Turn award of the trip when I took the group up the wrong mountain so it was half way down the wrong mountain and ride up the right mountain. After our self-guided tour it was off to more curvy roads over to Valentine to view the Marfa Prada Window Display. From there we hit a gas station for a much needed quick stop. I then made phone calls and found that our first 2 restaurant choices for the evening were closed on Tuesdays...UGGH. Luckily we headed straight for La Casita Mexican in Alpine for a great dinner. We left the restaurant and headed straight back towards Marfa to the Marfa Lights Viewing Center. Well the Marfa Lights were strangely a no show this evening, but a good time was had by all in the dark. By the way, what happens in the dark stays in the dark and it was very, very dark out there in the desert. Well then it’s back to Alpine to refuel for tomorrow and get a good night’s sleep. It was a long but nice day putting about 2 hundred miles on our bikes and it felt like about half that many on our feet. But life is good any day you’re Winging it!

On Wednesday we headed south towards Terlingua. We stopped at the Old Terlingua Ghost Town. No ghosts were seen but we did see many tombstones as well as many unmarked graves. From there we hit the River Road for an absolutely beautiful ride along the Rio Grande and thru it’s many canyons. In Presidio we had a great lunch at a small cafe. I believe we may have overwhelmed their staff of 3 but they did work very hard to get us fed. From there it’s back to Alpine for a quick dinner. Thanx again to the Eftinks for the awesome S’mores around the “campfire” in the parking lot.

On Thursday we hit the trail at 9am again to head east to Marathon and then south to Big Bend National Park. After a photo op at the entrance we headed down to the visitors center at Panther Junction. We paid our admission and proceeded southeast to the overlook at Boquillas Canyon. After shopping the wares that were fresh from across the Rio Grande we headed back to Panther Junction and on to the Chisos Basin for rest, hiking and a bit to eat and drink. From there we headed to Study Butte to refuel and of course stopping at the quilt shop on the way. By the time we got back to Alpine most of us were beat, but we only had an hour and a half before our dinner reservations at the Riata Bar and Grille. After our great meal some of the group stopped at the ice cream shop while the rest headed back to the hotel to start packing for our return home trip tomorrow morning.

Friday morning we woke to clear skies and a desire (for most of us) to get back home. We hit the road before sunrise so we cruised along about 10 miles per hour under the speed limit for a while. About the time I was going to pick up the step a bit I had a full grown adult Javelina walk out of the tall grass from the right shoulder. I swerved to the left over the yellow line and grabbed for brakes enough to squeal the rear tire a bit as the “Skunk Pig” turned and went back to where it came from. Too close for comfort for us all but thank heavens for my ARC training and it did take me about 45 minutes to finally pick up the pace. We managed to continue on and finally made it to Colorado City for lunch at Kelly Cafe. I was a little nervous when we pulled up to the cafe and there was one truck sitting in front of their sign in front of an abandoned elementary school. But the atmosphere and food was great at the cafe that had managed to still be open after setting up business in the old gym three years ago. From there we managed to make it home to the highest temperature of the week of 95. It was an awesome trip with an awesome group of friends and we could not have asked for better weather. Plus we managed to put about 1600 smiles on our Wings in the 5 day trip.

Of Course Food is Always a Highlight of the Evenings

A Star is Born

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Chapter P's very own Jim Tipton will make his small screen premier along with the likes of Sam Elliot, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Billy Bob Thorton in the prequel to Yellowstone -- 1883. The show is set to debut on December 19 on Paramount T.V.

Although we have yet to know the extent of Jim's screen time, we can all say we knew him when.....



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