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April 1, 2015

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Freshmen Participate in Scholastic Days Event

Freshmen Jessie Svoboda, Dawson Johns, Tyler Pszanka, Corwin Miller, and Makinzie Gregory went to Chadron State College on Friday March 27 for the Scholastic Days Event. Gregory placed 5th in Plane Geometry, and Miller placed 8th in Plane Geometry and 6th in Earth Science.
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Pennies for Patients Campaign Ending

By Erika Farret

Everyday about 46 children are told they have cancer. Only 38 of those are cured and the other 8 are not, but we can help.

The Schwartz family kicked off the Pennies for Patience fundraiser by talking to the Freshman Academy about their experience with cancer.

“13 billions of dollars are laying around in America,” said Jen Schwartz.

NJHS and Student Council have teamed up to raise money for Pennies for Patience. It ends this week and the class with the most money gets a pizza party.

You can buy tickets from Mr. Marez for $0.50 and that money will go towards the Pennies for Patience campaign. There will also be a raffle to have a chance to dunk Mr. Weyrich.

Gering Girls Shoot for the Start of the Season

By Brittney Spreier

The soccer season kicked off on Thursday the 19th.

Brittney Spreier started Varsity. Carlie Sides and Cora Leypoldt were swing players. The J.V team consists of Kyla Kuxhausen, Nellie Kirk, Brisa Corona, Cameron Bucy, Madisen Perales, and Alex Fuentes.

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Wrestlers Qualify for National Duel Team

By Kaetlyn Todd

Two freshman wrestlers placed at AAU State in Kearney, on March 15. This qualified both Aaron Tovar and Quintien Onstott for the National Wrestling Duel Team.

Each of the wrestlers was excited to wrestle, and even more excited when they placed.

“It was a fun weekend. It was weird being one of the only freshmen with a bunch of seniors!” said Onstott.

“Other weights weren’t so hard,” according to Tovar. “I felt like it was good mat time, but I wish the competition was a little tougher.”

Escamilla Reflects on Dancing

By Carlie Sides

“Dancing really helps me express how I feel and just let go.” says Adria Escamilla.

Escamilla is part of a dancing group that go around to different places and expresses different ways to spread God’s word to the public.

They performed on March twentieth at the Gering High School at 7:00p.m. Escamilla was very nervous to play for her school, but with all the drills and practicing they did it all ended out fine.

If you would like they practice Mondays and Tuesdays at the Chuck Wagon at 5:50. “Anybody is welcome to come and practice and just start dancing with us at any time!” Escamilla tells.

Why We Call Easter “Easter”

By Sydny Ridgeway

Although we are caught up in school, sports, and many other things in the month of April, there is a holiday in the middle that we call Easter. Many people know it as a Christian holiday, celebrating the resurrection of their Lord Jesus. However, why do we call it “Easter”?

The real answer is that nobody really knows the truth of why we call it Easter. Many people guess that it comes from the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre, who is associated with spring in fertility. This, however, is now a modern controversy between many people, according to

Many other people just think that the name was made up so Christian’s had a name to call the resurrection of their savior. There is also a long list of other goddess’s that may be the reason why we call it Easter.

The honest answer about why we call it Easter, is that we don’t know and we all just guess where we think it comes from. With that, the word doesn’t even associate with eggs or bunnies, making it a strange mystery.

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Easter Beliefs Vary

By Victoria Schwartz

The meaning of Easter is different to every person. Some have beliefs from a certain religion and some just have that power to think what they want just from their own experiences.

Some religions like Catholicism have a time of fasting or also known as lent. Catholics look at this time to really clear their hearts for the resurrection of Jesus which Catholics believe that is what Easter is.

Other people may look at Easter as just more days off of school. This could just be a time to get caught back on sleep or a time away from homework.

Other religions such as Mormon believe in the same thing as Christians which is that Christ was whipped and hung on the cross, and then on Easter Sunday is when Christ was resurrected.

Although they believe the same things, they celebrate it very differently. Some use an analogy using plastic eggs. Each egg has something in it that signified his journey, such as silver for his betrayal, or a nail for his cross.

Mormon’s focus very strongly on Jesus’ new life as being most important not just what happened before or during his death. Easter is a special time for anyone no matter the belief.

Everyone has the privilege to believe what they want.

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Juana Perez, Kaetlyn Todd, Brittney Spreier, Victoria Schwartz, Ethan Gompert, Dawson Johns, Carlie Sides, Erika Farret, Ashley Maschmeier, Delaney Dean, Jessie Svoboda, Karina Clark, and Sydny Ridgeway