Principal Weekly Wrap Up

December 10, 2015

OAP Mission Statement:

To provide a collaborative learning community that prepares students for the future.

My Goals:

To have a safe place for all of us to be able to speak on tough topics and be aware of our own biases with clarity and deep compassion for students, parents, our community and each other.

To get us focused and to bring clarity to our systems by creating our "This is how we do business at Peterson handbook" by June 2015.

Campus Instructional Focus (A.K.A. POP):

After an analysis of campus data, we found that faculty and staff need to effectively use PLCs so that students will have clarity as to what they need to know and what they must be able to do with their learning in order to achieve personal growth in all content areas.

Theory of Action:

  • Provide the foundational purpose of the why behind PLCs.

    • Teachers will use PLCs as the primary strategy for improving the instructional culture of Peterson Elementary through:

      • Looking at student and teacher work;

      • Designing quality common formative assessments (CFAs)

      • Reviewing and responding to data.

Guiding Questions: What does an authentic and collaborative PLC look like? How does data, student work, and student feedback validate the effectiveness of PLCs? What professional development is needed to ensure that all staff members understand what learning targets, authentic learnings tasks, and collaborative PLCs look like?

Current status of campus transformational tasks:

PLC Results:

Two highest areas for the campus are 3.2 (physical proximity) and 1.3 (Collaborative Focus on Student Learning). Two areas of opportunity for PLC's to growth are 2.2 (Trust and Respect) and 2.3 (Cognitive Skill Base). Additional area of opportunity is 2.4 (Supportive School Leadership). Overall results did not fall below 2.91 on a 5 point scale.

Next Step: Plot two highest and two lowest as a grade level and as a campus. Action Steps due on January 4th (time will be dedicated during our PD to work on this task).

PBS survey scheduled to be administered will be postponed until second semester. PBS will meet after school on December 14th.

January 4th PD will be on campus. An agenda will be emailed prior to your return to campus after the break.

Journal Writing- Week 12

Deliberate Optimism: Can we model what we are asking of our students? Reflective thinking and capturing our thoughts on paper.

Please join me this week in reflecting on the following question and/or task: What do you hope to either see, feel or hear upon your return to campus in 2016?

Stride Academy: I would be willing to throw an ice cream party for the top grade level on the K-2 side and 3-5 side and for the overall class participation.

This is a great way to keep kids engaged over the break and practicing their skills while on break. I have included login information as well as the pdf help for getting on STRIDE.

How To Get On To STRIDE Academy


2. Sign in using your school student ID number

3. Enter your KCS School ID

4. If it asks for a password than you will need to enter your school student ID number again

Ruck for Kids: Collection Continues December 4 - December 16th.

Tentative Ruck for Kids Assembly on December 18th. (POC: Jennifer Kerry)

Review Hallway Expectations This Week

Do not forget to review expectations for parties.

One person from each team, please send party times and any additional information regarding parents coming to assist with parties to Monika Chavez.

If you have observed someone on campus exhibiting our mission statement and would like for them to receive Rock Star status, please email me

Gallery Walk

December 7-11, 2015

Article Worth Reviewing:

A mapping tool – This new feature from National Geographic allows educators and students to customize one-page maps for downloading, e-mailing, printing, or sharing:

“MapMaker 1-Page Maps” from National Geographic, November 2015