Hugh C. Kessler


Hugh C. Kessler was born and grew up in North West Detroit. He was born January 4th 1944. As a child Hugh grew up in a very work oriented house hold. His mother and father both worked in order to support the family. Also while Hugh was growing up he had a couple family dogs that he loved dearly and was apart of the family. He also played chess with his neighbor across the street who taught him and played with him everyday after work. After years of playing with him Hugh became really good and could've been considered the best in the Detroit area.

His Style and His Reason

Hugh grew up in a family of photographers, his uncle Bennie was also a professional and Hugh as a young boy would sit with him in his dark room and go out with him to take pictures. Another reason why he took on this career was simply that he loved taking pictures and making people smile when they looked at a piece of his art. He has many different styles, he has done lots of weddings in his career, he loves to take nature pictures, and his business also did sports pictures for different teams. The kind in the gallery above i focused on his nature side because that most appeals to me.

What Made Him Special

He never really received any big awards, He did receive some small awards from local photography. He has an associate degree in computer science and he teaches many different classes at Wayne Community College. He also teaches at Digital Photography Academy. Also what makes him special is his need to help people with anything, he loves to teach photography and has taken many young amateur photographers under his wing and form them to great photographers, including my mother.

Peoples Opinions

Me personally I admire his work and wish I could take pictures as good as he does. When he takes pictures he incorporates many different details to pull an image together and make it look amazing. I Admire that he takes so much time and effort to get the picture in the best framing possible. He doesn't just randomly take pictures he takes time to make sure the picture is going to be worth his time.

Elizabeth Shanaver said I quote, " He has as professional been able to capture sweet intimate moments with couples since the 70's. He takes pride in all of his shots!"

Mellissa Shanaver said I quote, 'he has a great eye for photography and he takes some of the most beautiful pictures of our states, riversides, and sunsets."

Hugh himself feels that, "when I was shooting professional I was top notch! i was professional for 45 years and had over thousands of customers and never received one complaint."


I got my information from Hugh himself and