Update from THIS I.F.

Dates and TO DO

CBM and Reading 3D must be completed by Friday, May 20th.

May 18th Staff Meeting

Purple Folders

We will begin closing out Tier paperwork after the 20th. Please have these purple folders in an accessible place in case I come by and want to get a jump start on them. Please make sure folders are up to date through Mid Year and have two signatures. We will need to get these signed one more time or possibly send an exiting letter depending on the progress. If we cannot get the parent in--we can do a phone conference or make a copy and send it home to be signed after a phone conference.

I will give more details on how to close out a folder this week.


If you need something from me and I have not responded--please remind me. I have two first graders to test and one third grader--please let me know if you have any other students you need me to do.

Material needs? Please ask!

Quote to Ponder

Tones sound, and roar and storm about me until I have set them down in notes.

___Ludwig van Beethoven

Weekly Blog

Continue to be a champion for TES students.