2nd Hand News

February 18-20

We experienced another short week in 2nd grade, but it was full of interesting things. The children are putting this never-ending winter to good use by learning about weather forecasts and making predictions and observations in the Great Ice Experiment. This weekend they should be making note of the temperature and what falls from the sky. In math, they are continuing to work on making change by solving money word problems. Lower School enjoyed hosting the JEM program's French students and teachers with songs, cards, and excellent questions about France. The 2nd Hand Players were fortunate to see the Shakespeare Company of New Jersey's performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream. It was great to experience another play that used a scroll and humor! It also gave us the opportunity to discuss using context clues to help understand unfamiliar text.


  • LIBRARY is on MONDAY, please bring in any books that need to be returned.
  • HAWAII DAY is FRIDAY, Feb. 27th. Break out the floral patterns and let's bring a little sunshine to LS!

Stay warm,

Mrs. Nyce