Bay Port Choir Newsletter

Week of May 28

End of Year Dates

  • Tuesday, May 28: Choir Dresses, Hangers, & choir music are due
  • Wednesday, June 5: Block Day - Chanteurs & Bel Canto Meet
  • Thursday, June 6: Block Day - Cantare Meets

End of Year Assignments

Tuesday, May 28: Sacred Concert Review (End of Year Group Reflection) Due by 7:00am (Chanteurs, Bel Canto & Cantare)

Monday, June 3: End of Year Self-Reflection Due by 7:00am (All Juniors, Sophomores, & Freshman in Chanteurs, Bel Canto & Cantare)


Sacred Music Vocal Assessments continue this week. Students were given copies of the schedule on Friday, May 17. The schedule can also be found on the choir resource pages. (Bel Canto, Chanteurs, Cantare). Students may select a song of their choice from the Sacred Concert to perform for me during their assessment. Students can find a copy of the rubrics that will be used to evaluate their performance on their choir resource page.

Choir Dresses and hangers are due back by Tuesday, May 28. Dresses must be washed! Dresses that smell, have pet hair, or deodorant stains will not be considered washed and will be assessed a $10 fee to have the dress cleaned. Damaged and unreturned dresses will be assessed a $75 fee. Students who do not return their plastic choir hanger will be assessed a $3 fee

All choir music and solo/ensemble music is due back by Tuesday, May 28. Students who do not return their music we will be assessed a fee of $2 per missing piece of music.