Social Anxiety Disorder

Jade Miller

Social Anxiety? Whats that?

Social Anxiety is a disorder that effects your personality and how you cope with other people in situations. Such as having butterflies in your stomach,nausea, fast heart rate, and not being able to breath normal. Also you exclude yourself from social situations/conversations (anti-social)

What are my symptoms?

  • There are emotional and behavior symptoms. Some of the symptoms include:
  • fear of being judged
  • embarrassing or making fun of yourself
  • offend someone
  • scared of talking to strangers
  • looking anxious
  • having blushing,sweating, or even a shaky voice
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butterlifes in your stomach when you are feeling nervious about something that might happen

Treatment and Prognosis

The treatment for social anxiety disorder are kinda simple really. To relax from stress or you have all your emotions all piled up just do yoga, dancing or even tai chi as a doctor suggests. Another way to help SAD is by taking a medication over the counter.

The prognosis for social anxiety disorder is heart beating faster than usual, nausea, hard time catching breath, unsteadiness, puzzled, and muscles will tighten up.

Some asked questions

If you know that you have been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder or anything else, don't be afraid to speak up and ask questions. Some question examples would be : can this effect my relationships with everybody? What steps do I have to talk to help this not become a big problem? Ever had a thought of doing self harm to yourself or others? What/when symptoms are most probable to happen? What would happen if you do drugs or alcohol?


When somebody you know has been recently diagnosed with social anxiety disorder (sad) it could change the way your family treats you. Even if the symptoms of social anxiety disorder fade away with the prescribed medication, for others they would have to take the prescription for years to keep SAD under control.
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After and before trying to get over SAD

Personal Statement

It's a good thing to know about social anxiety disorder because if your child were to have it when he/she grows up the parent should know what to look out of and how to take care of it. Another reason why it's good to know about this is because it could have been passed down form generation form generation.