Teachers...Move On!

Don't be left behind. Teachers can be taught too!

As teachers, be inspired to continue your learning by finding out about technological advancements and new teaching strategies that could help you grow as a teacher. Just by earning a different or higher level degree furthers your knowledge. Click the suggested link below and check out your options!

Teachers know that all students learn differently, so why shouldn't teachers teach differently? You should! There shouldn't be one set of practices that is used, but there should be a certain standard that is met. If the students are required specific results on standardized tests, then challenge yourselves as teachers to develop standards individually. Within your school districts, we can introduce the idea that no class should be left behind. The theory, set a standard score for each school in your district and if not met, have teachers reeducate those teachers to master the skills as the other teachers in your school.

Always prepare yourself. Teachers strive so hard to prepare students for tests, social situations, basic life skills, and so much more. However, who is helping the teachers prepare for the NETS-T standards in their classrooms? Reach out to your principals, superintendents and fellow co-workers and develop study groups or practice modules that will help teachers be successful nationally when preparing for evaluations like these.