Famous Baseball Facts and Terms

By:Rishabh Ruikar

Baseball Vocab


  • aboard -
  • a runner reaching base.
  • ace - the star pitcher on a team.
  • appeal - a claim by the fielding side to an umpire that a rules violation has taken place.
  • assist - if a fielder throws the ball to another fielder who makes an out, he's credited with an assist.
  • at bat - an appearance by a hitter.
  • backstop - a barrier behind home plate to stop the ball if the catcher misses it.
  • balk - if the pitcher doesn't pitch when he's started his pitching motion, it's a balk and runners are awarded an extra base.
  • ball - a pitch which is called outside the strike zone, and which the hitter doesn't try and swing at.
  • ball park - a baseball field.
  • base - the square bag located at each corner of the infield.
  • base coaches - when a team is batting, a coach is allowed to occupy a box close to first and third bases.
  • base hit - a hit which allows the batter to reach first, second, third or home base, unless on a "fielder's choice".
  • baseman - the fielders positioned near to first, second and third base.
  • base on balls - if the pitcher throws four balls, the hitter is awarded a free "walk" to first base.

base paths - the areas between the base pads are marked out with dirt. A runner cannot run outside the base paths to avoid a tag.

bases loaded - runners on first, second and third bases.

batting around (the order) - an inning in which all nine hitters appear at the plate without three outs being made.

bat boy - a person employed to run on and collect the hitter's bat when he drops it to start running.

batter - the member of the hitting team currently at the plate.

batter's box - either side of home plate is a batter's box, in which the batter has to stand when he tries to hit the baseball.

batting order - the order in which the hitter's take their turn to come up and bat.

beanball - a pitch thrown at the hitter's head (this is illegal).

benches clearing - all of the players from both sides leaving the benches (usually for a brawl!).

big leagues (or "the bigs") - major league baseball.

bleachers - the cheap seats in the outfield, furthest away from the main action.

bloop - a softly hit, or mis-hit, fly ball which goes over the infield but short of the outfielders for a base hit (e.g. "bloop single").

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