Old Netherlands Early Music Tour

Ranked the #1 tour in the world since 1987!

Where we start

We will meet in Mons, Belgium whre we will start our tour at 1:00 p.m.


We will first take a very short bus ride to where

Lassus was born in Mons, Belgium!


Next we will take a 30 min. bus ride to the place where Josquin was born in the county of Hainaut, Belgium!


Next we take a train ride to the death place of Josquin in Conde'-sur-l'Escaut, France!


Then we will take another 30 min. bus ride to the birthplace of Ockeghem in Saint-Ghislain, Belgium!


Next, we will be taking a train ride to the Amsterdam, Netherlands to the place where Sweelinck was born!


Last but not least, we will be going by bus to the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam where Sweelink was an organ in the church!

The End

At the end of your tour, we will give a coupon for McDonalds.