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October Updates!

Parents and Guardians, as we fall into October, we hope that you and your student are transitioning into high school, enjoying the unique experience HNGA offers to freshmen, and are monitoring your student's progress toward earning the required 5 required credits to go to Habersham Central next school year. At this point in the school year, all students should be on track to earn all 8 of their credits this school year, including a credit in each core content area (math, history, science, and English).

The first quarter of the school year will end on October 9, and report cards will be distributed at school on Tuesday, October 20. PowerSchool for parents and guardians is a great way for you to keep daily track of your student's grades, attendance, and missing assignments. If you need access to your student's PowerSchool, please email Mrs. Janet Patton for that information.

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us. We truly do value your feedback.

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School Safety

Over the first quarter of the school year, we have done our best to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by encouraging face coverings and implementing social distancing, where possible. Our students and teachers are enjoying our new outdoor classroom areas and are doing a great job of following new safety procedures like directional hallway traffic, limited seating in the cafeteria, and scheduled handwashing and restroom breaks.

By maintaining social distancing and limiting exposure (closer than 6 feet for more than 15 minutes) to those who may be positive for COVID-19, we will continue to be able to keep our staff and students healthy and in school.

As of October 8, we do not have any active cases of COVID-19 among our students and staff. You can monitor our school's active cases by visiting our website. The number of active cases is updated each Monday afternoon.

Finally, we appreciate the open communication we have had with parents and guardians during these unprecedented times. Together, we can continue to provide a safe school building and learning environment.

Habersham County's Anti-Racism and Non-Discrimination Statement

The mission of the Habersham County School System is “Success for ALL students”. In keeping with our mission, the Habersham County School System does not tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind by students or staff. All students deserve respect and have a right to a safe learning environment regardless of their race, religion, beliefs, gender or sexual orientation. Comments or actions which are discriminatory, racist, or otherwise degrading towards others are strictly prohibited in all Habersham County Schools and at all school sponsored events.

Any person who believes they have experienced racism or discrimination should report such actions or behaviors to a teacher, counselor or administrator. Every situation reported will be investigated and appropriate action taken.

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Message from the Principal

It is hard to believe that we are one-fourth of the way through your student’s freshman year of high school. This school year is quickly flying by. We are enjoying our time getting to know our students and love seeing them grow academically and socially.

If you have had an opportunity to visit our building you may have seen the very large #RaiderReg signs posted throughout our hallways. These are school-wide behaviors and/or skills that we teach and reinforce with our students each day. At HNGA we believe it is important to take an active role in teaching essential skills that are not only important for them to be successful students but also soft skills that employers look for in their employees. Some of these include putting forth 100% effort in every class, completing homework without complaining, looking adults in the eye, punctuality, saying "please" and "thank you", etc.

If you have an opportunity, please reinforce these skills at home. Learning these soft skills will help your student stand out to future employers and/or colleges.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback to provide. I hope that everyone has a safe and relaxing Fall Break!

Dr. Connie Franklin

Principal, HNGA

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Georgia Milestones & Final Exams

Students in semester-long Algebra 1 will take the Georgia Milestones End of Course test (EOC) on Dec. 10 & 11. Because the EOC is a state-mandated exam, virtual students enrolled in semester-long Algebra 1 will be scheduled for a time to take the EOC on campus. As the test dates approach, we will communicate with these students and parents with additional information.

All other semester-long courses will have a final exam prior to the Christmas break. The EOC or the final exam will affect a student's final grade in each course. Virtual students will not be required to come to campus for the final exam.

Students should ask their teacher should they have any questions!

Chic-Fil-A Fundraiser at HNGA!

We have an awesome opportunity for students to participate in. On Wednesday, October 28th, students will have the chance to enjoy Chic-Fil-A for lunch. The lunch is a box that includes a chicken sandwich, chips, a delicious chocolate chip cookie, and a bottle of water. The cost is $8.00, which covers the meal plus delivery. Homeroom teachers will be taking orders from now until Friday, October 23rd. Late orders cannot be accepted. All proceeds will be used for student incentives, House prizes, etc.

Free and Reduced Lunch

While each HNGA student will receive a free breakfast and lunch with federal funding through December 31, we ask that each parent or guardian still complete the Free and Reduced Lunch application for two reasons. First, all students are scheduled to be charged the full amount for lunch ($2.25) beginning in January.

Secondly, by completing the application, you will aid Habersham County Schools and HNGA in school funding, reduced college application fees, grant funding opportunities, computer network, and discounts on the SAT and ACT as well as AP Exams.

The deadline to complete the application is October 30. Free and Reduced Lunch applications can be found in the front office or completed online.

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Health and PE

While most courses at HNGA are semester-long courses, Health and PE are only 9-weeks long. Students enrolled in Health or PE this semester will begin their new class when we return from Fall Break. All students with a final grade of at least 70% will earn a half credit for the course. At the end of the first semester, all students with a final grade of at least 70% will earn the other half credit for the paired course.
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Get Involved!

Research shows that freshmen are more likely to graduate on time when they are connected to their school through an extracurricular activity! Students may want to consider joining a club, participating in a fine arts program, or trying out for an athletic team! See the pictures below for just some of the extracurricular opportunities offered to HNGA students.

Dress Code

Parents and guardians, we have begun enforcing the student dress code. I have attached a complete copy of this for your convenience.

A few issues that we have observed during the first few weeks of school have been shorts, skirts, and dresses not meeting the length requirement. According to the dress code all shorts (male and female), skirts, and dresses can be no shorter than three inches above the knee. In addition, there should be no holes in pants higher than three inches above the knee. Please take the time to read the dress code in its entirety.

Students not adhering to the dress code will be asked to change clothes if they have another option with them, or a parent will be contacted to bring a change of clothes to the school. Thank you in advance for your support as we endeavor to create a wholesome environment focused on student learning.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the administration at 706-778-0830. Your feedback is appreciated.

Car Riders

Parent drop off is each morning from 7:15-7:55, and the tardy bell rings at 8:00AM. Students are released to homeroom at 7:30.

Parent pick up is a major safety concern for HNGA. Please follow the directions of the staff members on duty, practice patience, pull all the way forward, be cautious of students crossing the parking lot, and avoid the use of a cell phone while driving.

HNGA House System

HNGA's House System was created so that all students can connect through their peers from the first day of school. Through the first 9 weeks of school, students have earned House points by competing in House games, performing Random Acts of Kindness, Repping the Raiders on Fridays, and many more!

The current House standings are pictured below.

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Picture Make Up Day

Picture Make-Up Day has been rescheduled for Monday, November 2. If your student was unable to get their picture on Picture Day, please take the opportunity to do so on November 2.

Raider Report

For the third year, HNGA students will be able to anonymously report safety concerns directly to Dr. Franklin and Mr. Leenman through the free Raider Report website. This website can be found on any school-issued computer.

In the previous years of the app, HNGA’s administrators were able to intervene with safety issues immediately and swiftly. As we introduce this technology to our students, we hope that they will understand the vital role they play in school safety as we encourage our students to “See Something, Say Something”.

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