Cutting off the Haters

A solution to secure our the haters (we all are haters)

We often see many issues where people destroy our lives by hurting us emotionally and physically. These people who are so negative look at the world like they rule it. Instead, we should all rule the world by living in high security and living in a world of safety and happiness. Our bodies are weapons. In order for this to become possible, we must destroy the parts of us that destroy others. Our hands and feet have parts that can handle guns, and our tongues create harsh language. Free surgical amputation of hands, feet, and tongues will be provided for everyone. We must now start this at birth, and do it to the grown population as well, so we may reduce the harsh words we tell one another, and the weapons we use to attack others.
This solution will keep us clean and positive! Join the movement! We will soon have someone at your door to set up an appointment! Let's make our world a better place.