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Destiny Between Two Star Cross Lovers

After the death of the young Romeo and Juliet, the feud has come to an end. The prince,Benvolio, Juliet's nurse, and friar Lawrence has decided to share the story about the two star crossed lovers. It all started with an illiterate servant, named peter. The Capulet decided to have a party and sent his servant, with a list of names, to invite each one. But the problem was that the servant Peter couldn't read. lucky the young Romeo just happened to be walking by when the servant peter asked him to read the names to him. Young Romeo read the names to the servant and came apon the name of the women he was in love with. He asked the servant where the party was being held and the servant told him that it was being held at the Capulet's house. Romeo's friends that were with him decided that they were going to take Romeo to the party to make him forget all about Rosaline. Later at the party Romeo saw Juliet and instantly forgot about Rosaline. He asked her to dance and they ended up kissing. After the dance Romeo tried to get away from his friends and ended up climbing the wall, and landed in Juliet's back yard. Juliet came out onto the balcony and started to talk about romeo and why did she have to love him so. Romeo jumps out and says some stuff to Juliet. Romeo ends up climbing the balcony and they kiss. Romeo wanted to marry Juliet, so Juliet decided to tell Romeo to go home and wait until tomorrow when she sends a messenger to receive the message if he truly wants to marry her or not. Romeo runs of to the friar in plans of getting married. The friar thought that Romeo was making a to quick of a decision, but then he also thought that this might end the feud, so against his better judgment he said that he would marry them. The nurse comes and asks romeo if he would marry Juliet or not, and of course Romeo said yes. Romeo and Juliet got married. Romeo was really excited and ran off to tells his friends but that's when things went down hill. Tybalt was looking for Romeo and happened to run into Romeo's friends. Romeo happens to come along and Tybalt try's to make him fight with him, but Romeo, now newly related to Tybalt, doesn't want to. His friend, Mercutio decided to take the place of Romeo. Tybalt kills Mercutio when Romeo try's to stop them from fighting. Romeo end's up killing Tybalt because of his rage over his dead friend. The Prince finds out and banishes Romeo. Juliet's forced into marrying someone else but before she does she threatens the friar to help her or she'll kill herself. He comes up with a plan. Juliet had to fake her death and friar would tell Romeo and Romeo would come and get her. But the letter never got to Romeo. Romeo's servant tells Romeo that his love is dead, and Romeo who was head strong decided to go to the tomb where Juliet lay dead. Romeo ends up taking a potion right next to Juliet's 'dead' body, and dies. Juliet Wakes up, see's Romeo dead, and ends up stabbing herself in the heart. Because of the family feud two young lives were lost. The two houses end the feud and each house made a statue of the others child. This is the story of the two star crossed lovers.

Help Cure the Plague

The plague has taken many lives away from us. Just last week it took one of my daughters away from me. We are trying to find a cure but we cant do it with out your help. If you donate a dollar to the 'Cure the Plague' society then I promise we will find a way to cure it! So please donate today!

New Bread Shop on the Block

The maycons have just opened up a new shop. They are selling all kinds of breads. If you see the sign 'Maycons Bread Shop' than go buy some bread there. I promise you it delicious!