Week 9, Term 4 2022 - Thursday 15 December

Kia Manawanui - Have a Heart

Kia Māia - Be Courageous

Kia Kaha - Do Your Best

Kia Ora - Be Well

From the Board

Tēnā koutou e te whānau whānui o Te Kura o Puketapu,

The end of the school year is upon us and I am sure you are all looking forward to a well-deserved break over Christmas. I have been fortunate this year to continue as board chair and I am well supported by a passionate and dedicated board. I would like to acknowledge our outgoing board member, Marnie Reinfelds for her commitment to our board over the past three years and welcome Meg Corin to the team. I am grateful to be surrounded by the talented, caring group of parents that make up our board.

Although the prevalence of COVID-19 in our communities subsided slightly this year, we saw a dramatic increase of sickness in general, affecting not only our children but staff as well. I must commend our senior leadership team for constantly juggling learning spaces and teachers to help keep as much consistency as possible for our learners.

I also acknowledge those students whom are leaving Puketapu this year. Everything that has a beginning must have an end; a few years back, you all came to our kura as charming, enthusiastic and little students and now you’re leaving as matured almost-teenagers willing to face any real-world challenge. Be yourself, whatever the circumstances will be. Watch the company you will have. Choose your friends wisely and be diligent in pursuit of your passions. Last but not least, wherever you are continuing your schooling, kia kaha, kia ora, kia māia, kia manawanui!

This is not just a week to acknowledge our graduating class but also to celebrate the parents, family and friends who work so hard to make sure their children succeed. We are extremely lucky to have such a supportive group of parents and caregivers who are dedicated to our school.

On behalf of the board, I wish to extend my gratitude to the Acting Principal Corinne Sattler for her dedication in leading our school in what has been a challenging year. Miss Sattler quietly goes about her mahi inspiring and nurturing and for this we should be thankful. To the senior leadership team and all our teachers and support staff, our school continues to deliver on its strategic plan, continues to grow leaders of tomorrow and to provide a healthy place for learning; we are grateful to have you all.

To our community of Puketapu School, be kind to one and another, enjoy the summer break and we look forward to welcoming you all back in 2023 – mauri ora!

Paul Rauputu

Presiding member, Puketapu School Board

From our Principal

EOY Principal Korero


At the end of 2022, we say farewell to Claire Wigley:

After 4 years of being at Puketapu School I have decided to move back into high school teaching, and will be working in the art and technology departments at Spotswood College in 2023, as a year 9 and 10 kaiako.

I have had an amazing time at Puketapu School and it has been an absolute privilege to create the Design Technology program within the school. I have had lots of help and support along the way, from my colleagues, the senior leadership team, the board and some amazing parents that have come along for the ride. The program that I have run really would not have been as good as it has been without the help of these people, so thank you!

While it is sad to say goodbye to the tamariki at Puketapu School, I will be joining 5 of our current year 8 students, and many more from the last 3 years. I am excited that I will be able to see how they have grown into young adults and help celebrate their successes. I hope to see many more Puketapu kids in the future when they come to Spotswood College.

"In a world where you can be anything, be kind"

... to David Martin:

It is sad to come to the end of my Puketapu journey. I have enjoyed growing and developing over these last four years and look forward to the next chapter. I appreciate all the support given through all my health challenges and study. Puketapu has been a special part of the journey, and I have made many special memories and connections.

Ngā mihi nui David.

... and to Matt Goodwin:

After a whirlwind 12 months at Puketapu, I’ve decided to move on so I can be closer to home and give more time to my wife and children and their extra curricular activities. This will see me moving to Vogeltown Primary School to take up a position teaching Year 5 & 6 students. I have really enjoyed my time here and have learnt so much in such a short time. I’d like to thank the staff, students, and Puketapu community for being so welcoming and supportive and I would like to wish everyone the very best for their future endeavors.

Until next time,

Arohanui, Mr Goodwin

... to Kim Sowman:

Recently I was asked by a new student what the kids at Puketapu School call me. Well, I replied, Miss Sowman, Whaea Kim, just Whaea, Mum, Aunty Kim and sometimes just Kim. Ahh he said. I think I'll just call you Multi Named Miss... and he does.

What a privilege it has been to be all of those things to so many beautiful children over the past 10 years. Luckily, even though my years of teaching at Puketapu School are coming to an end I will still be a part of the Puketapu whanau as Erin's mum. Many of my memories at Puketapu involve yummy food, glitter, mud, crazy dancing and bubbles but my best memories involve lots of hugs and feeling loved. Thank you for all your kindness over the years and I will definitely see you around.

We also said farewell and thank you to our part time / short contract teachers and support staff who have contributed so much to our year: Judie Keane, Kellie Minnell, Sarah Reddish, Meg Corin and Siniva Isaia. Your involvement has made such a positive difference to so many people and we hope to see you back at school in the future.

Thank you also to...

To our Kai team - Teresa Julian, Charlotte McGoldrick and Sharron Arbuckle - who have kept our tamariki well fed with delicious and healthy kai made with aroha.

Big picture

Kapai te kai! Our Kai team of Teresa, Sharron and Charlotte have kept us all well fed all year, including special events and treats like sizzled sausages!

To our Home & School - Jess Nicholas and the team for all they do for our school including their incredible fundraising efforts for the pool, which we are looking forward to being able to celebrate even more in Term 1.

Big picture

Some of our superb Home and School team at Northpoint on Monday, taking on feeding all our Graduation Dinner guests. Great teamwork!

Big picture

A BIG Thank you to Fred “The Milo Man” and June for all of their help over the years with Breakfast Club especially the kids much loved toast day!

Fred and June won’t be volunteering next year and we've appreciated their support.

To Northpoint Church - for all the support they have offered us throughout the year, including the use of their awesome venue. In the last week alone Northpoint have hosted us for SOMADD, Year 8 Graduation Dinner and our Final Assembly.

To all the sports coaches, managers, parent transport, supporters who have supported our tamariki in many competitions and codes throughout the year.

To all those who have volunteered in classrooms, on trips, in gardens and in multiple other ways to support out students, staff and school.

And to the wider community and whānau for everything they do THANK YOU.

final assembly

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Trophy Winners

We were delighted to announce the winners of the Puketapu Trophies:


Alan Smith Citizenship Trophy

Donated by former Principal, Mr Alan Smith, first awarded in 2006 to Misikei Fonoti.

This award is offered to the boy and girl, or boys and girls, in Year 8 who meet the following criteria:

  • They exhibit a respectful attitude towards themselves, and in their dealing with others

  • They exhibit high standards of personal conduct and of personal effort in their learning and in their social relationships

  • They are an excellent role model to other students in the school

  • They have evidence of strong school involvement

  • They have a positive attitude towards the philosophies of the school and to the people they work with, teachers and students

  • They exhibit the principles of ‘fair play’ in all sporting and cultural activities

  • They prove to be a ‘good friend’ to their peers

Congratulations... Tayla Gorrie

Tayla represents the Puketapu values to a high standard. She exhibits a respectful attitude towards herself, and others. Tayla always sets high standards in her learning and works hard to achieve them. She is an excellent role model to other students in the school, and a positive Puketapu leader. She involves herself in many school activities and has spent much of her time throughout the year supporting the junior students with their learning. Tayla is kind and polite, She has a beautiful bubbly attitude and a heart of gold. She encourages everyone to do their best and will happily support anyone with their learning. She is a fantastic student who sets the bar high for a model Puketapu citizen.

The Arts & Culture

Puketapu Arts Award

Donated by former Deputy Principal Steve Wright (1997-2012), first awarded in 2012 to Parris Faapulou.

The purpose of this award is to encourage and celebrate the arts and performance. Students eligible have made an Exceptional Contribution to Performing Arts:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of what a Performing Arts really is

  • Be an inspiration to others and have the ability to coach younger, less experienced students in the skills of Performing Arts.

  • Able and willing to take part in any formal or informal, production, concert or play.

  • Confident in fronting an audience.

Congratulations to... Kingston Benton

Kingston is a natural performer. He exhibits a presence that shines when on stage. Kingston has been a part of many drama performances and is always eager to be a part of the performing arts, including art and technology. He has been able to deliver many assemblies this year where he speaks confidently and engages the audience. Kingston has provided enjoyment to many akonga during break times and supporting the love of moving to music for others. Kingston has been learning the guitar himself and has been part of a small group of like minded musicians.


Donated by former Principal Mike Johnson (2005-2015), the purpose of this award is to encourage sporting success and attitude in our school.
  • Excellence in Sports (School, Provincial, National Representative Teams)

  • Participation in and out of school

  • Team member – acceptance of rules and other persons

  • Attitude - Giving back to sport (e.g. coaching), determination, self-drive

  • Leadership qualities

  • Role Model

  • Fair play

  • Individual commitment

  • Pride in achievement

Congratulations to.... Poutama Murray

Poutama is a born sportsman. He exhibits strong leadership skills in sports and is able to transfer these through into the classroom. Poutama has gained huge success through sports this year including being a part of the championship winning basketball team, winning the school cross country, as well making numerous national rep teams for rugby, league and touch rugby. He is a team player and supports others around him to be successful. Poutama leads by example. He is encouraging and passionate about sports and always gives his best efforts. He has captained many of his sports teams this year proving that his leadership qualities are noticed not just by us at school, but also by his coaches outside of school. He has given back to the sport of touch through coaching and teaching.


Mainfreight Duffy Award for Academic Excellence

Donated by our Duffy major sponsor Mainfreight. First awarded to Jeremy McMillan in 1997.

The purpose of this award is to encourage academic success in the classroom. It will be awarded to the highest achieving Year 8 student based on their educational and academic achievements. This award is based on the following criteria:

  • Achievement in school-based assessment and evaluation
  • Results of standardised testing
  • Demonstrate commitment to learning in all academic areas (i.e. all seven learning areas)
  • Demonstrate high motivation, initiation, integrity, intellectual depth and leadership judgement
  • Participation and success in external curricula events

Congratulations to... Nate Stainthorpe

Nate epitomises learning. He displays a great sense of self and has a positive learner mindset who actively engages in learning across all curriculum areas. Nate demonstrates resilience when in the learning pit and will consider new information, question, challenge, discover, and apply new knowledge quickly. Nate is reflective in his learning and is willing to accept and consider constructive feedback and isn’t afraid to challenge his thinking.
Nate takes pride in everything he does. He is a learner who acknowledges that in order to seek reward – effort must come first.

Kapa Haka & Tikanga

Mataatua Taonga

In honour of the many years Mataatua Te Rongopatai worked with our tamariki, this award is presented to a student (Boy or Girl) from any ethnic group.

Tamariki must

  • Be secure in the knowledge of his / her ancestral links

  • Positively model leadership in Maori Culture through a variety of opportunities, eg Tikanga, te Reo, Kapahaka etc.

  • Demonstrate self-worth, self-esteem and personal pride in his or her attitude, behaviour or demeanour

  • Display physical, spiritual and emotional well-being and knowledge and respect for him/herself and others

Congratulations to... Māhinarangi Rutene and Harper Sutherland

When Harper joined Senior Kapa Haka as a Year 4 she knew she wanted to lead when she was a Year 8. Since then she has continuously been dedicated, disciplined and driven when it comes to performing. Harper is a natural performer and over the last few years has jumped at any and every opportunity to lead. She has been an outstanding kaitātaki wahine for Te Kura o Puketapu Kapa Haka Roopu this year and this is reflected in the incredible performances she has led.

Māhinarangi joined Te Kura o Puketapu Kapa Haka Roopu this year. She is very driven and had many great ideas when putting together the bracket. Māhinarangi has shown strong positive leadership and discipline throughout the year. She leads and performs with mana.

Technology Trophy

New for 2022. Donated by the Stainthorpe Family, this award is presented to a Year 7 or 8 student who has showed the following:
  • Always comes to their Design Technology (DT) class open to learning
  • Enthusiastic about DT and learning DT through a variety of methods
  • High interest in Food Technology
  • Goes above and beyond - continues to learn and practice cooking (and/or other technologies) at home
  • Helps others in class

Congratulations to...Marcel Engels

Marcel has worked hard in his Design Technology class in 2022. He is always open to learning and sees himself as a learner. Marcel loves to cook and is always wanting to learn more. He is kind, respectful to his peers and will always off to help others if they need it. Marcel shows enjoyment in all areas of DT this year.

Values Cup

First presented in 2020, donated by former Board Chair Mike Warring and former teacher Fiona Warring, this award is offered to a Year 6 boy and girl who meet the following criteria:

The purpose of this award is to acknowledge and recognise the involvement in the corporate life of the school and the contributions these students in these year groups make.

  • Excel in modelling and living all our school School Values (Kia Manawanui, Kia Māia, Kia Ora, Kia Kaha)
  • Demonstrate intrinsic behaviours in Class, Whānau Groups and School opportunities.

Congratulations to... Adelle Robinson and Lachlan Waldron

Adelle excels in all areas of school life. She embodies all of the Puketapu values and lives these each day at our kura. She sets a high standard in her work and behaviour and works hard to maintain and reach these goals. She is extremely considerate of other people and their feelings and always has respectful interactions with her peers. She is a real learner who is always willing to take risks and give new learning opportunities a go. Adelle is a natural leader with a friendly, bubbly attitude and a big heart.

Lachie is an outstanding leader and example wherever he is. He consistently lives all of the Puketapu School values and shows respect to all people. He consistently has a positive attitude towards learning. He challenges himself and takes risks both inside and outside the classroom. He is a team player and always supports his peers around him. Lachie's kindness extends to all and his compassionate and empathetic nature is admired by all.


It has been great being part of the decision-making process for the 2023 Kaitaki Tama me Kotiro this year.

2023 Kaitiaki Kotiro me Tama Process:

  1. Year 7 aspiring leaders present to a leadership appointments panel
  2. Staff have input via a vote
  3. The Senior Leadership (Ngatai, Corinne, Amanda, Avon) take the staff votes and the appointments panel perspectives along with their own and then makes the decision.

We are delighted to announce our Kaitiaki Kotiro me Tama for 2023 will be...

Ella Rauputu and Kingston Benton

In 2023 Ella and Kingston will be the Kaitiaki for the entire year and we will be adding an additional Kaitiaki Tama me Kotiro in Term 3 to join them. This is so that any aspiring leaders can show their leadership skills and they will then apply late in Term 2. The same process will apply as above.

Big picture

The old and the new:

Outgoing Kaitiaki Tama Liam Smith and Poutama Murray with new Kaitiaki Tama Kingston Benton, new Kaitiaki Kotiro Ella Rauputu and outgoing Kaitiaki Kotiro Esther Poching and Harper Sutherland.


In Week 3 of Term 1, 2023, students will have the opportunity to apply for the other student leadership positions in our school: Whānau Leaders, Sports Leaders, ICT Leaders, Environmental Leaders, Kapa Haka Leaders, etc (new positions could potentially be added also). These leadership positions will be confirmed early in Term 1

Values Awards

Each classroom teacher had the unenviable challenge of selecting just one student from each class for each value. It was a very tough decision in many classes! The winners are:

Kia Manawanui

Keisha Lowry * Kiritopa Veza * Parekaiuru Tuturu o te Atiawa* Katie MacRae

Triston Kake * Anika Engebretsen * Sophie Jacobsen * Zakhan Faapulou

Hamu Adams * Addyson Chaloner * Willow Deed * Brynley Smith * Emily Judd

Lily Ponting * Likhitha Medasetti * Pandora Cameron * Azura Savage

Preston Cooper * Ellori Papprill

Kia Māia

Hunter Cleghorn-Flynn * Raiden Rangi * Charles Hardgrave

Emma Hoskin * Koen Adams * Carter Taylor * Isla Johnson

Carlos Macioce * Ava Falaniko * Kaitlyn Veza * Rory Meijer

Declan Brooking * Maddox Adamson * Rowan Evans * Sophie McGovern

Bethany Thompson * Maria Wano * Michael Phillips * Tui Robinson

Kia Kaha

Teone Mundt * Jahlia Manukonga-Te Uira * Esther Poching * Onaleah Zandbergen

Roam Harvey-Smith * Nusaybah Merdj * Bonnie Rupe * Goo Pham

Waipuia Lomano * Claire Asai * Liliana Hodson

Avery Philips * Cyruz Ingram * Mila Hyland * Flynn Bird

Reeve Cooper * Brodie Houghton * Sasha Sudharsan * Lucas Speedy

Kia Ora

Chloe Lepper * Ella Rauputu * Erin Sowman * Liam Smith

Iniyah Zandbergen * Greta Phillips * Channing Rajput * Kayden Lucinsky

Nixon Gadsby * Whakairi Rangi * Billy Prestney * Indie Bird

Emmie Lucinsky * Ryan Chand * Oscar Nicholas * Kohen Harvery

Joel Purdie * Zoe Jones * Sophie Engels

Big picture

Rimu Award Winners

Big picture

Totara Award Winners

Big picture

Kowhai Award Winners

Big picture

Kauri Award Winners

Graduation Dinner

It was our pleasure to celebrate the graduation of our Class of 2022 on Monday evening at the Graduation Dinner.
Big picture
Big picture

The Class of 2022


How do we show 'Kia ora' in summer? What do we do for our “Wellbeing” to be healthy in the summer?

Although the rain meant we couldn't have our usual outdoor celebration, Northpoint came to our rescue and we got to enjoy performances of dance, music and drama on our theme of 'Kia Ora'.

Big picture
Big picture

Our SOMADD Sound/Lighting Crew Kingston Benton and Parekaiuru Tuturu o te Atiawa.

We are SO grateful to Northpoint Church for the use of their amazing facilities!

This week the creative arts were on display at school.

From clay to flowers, weaving, modelling, painting and poetry, we have loved learning and exploring this theme and it has been wonderful to show off our creations to our whanau.

Big picture

Thank you to our SOMADD Raffle Sponsors

The raffles at SOMADD on Friday evening we amazing. We sold a record amount of tickets and made just over $1000 for Puketapu Home and School. 27 lucky people got to go home with a prize!

Thank you to the generosity of our school community and these local businesses:

Noel Leeming * Robertsons Pharmacy * KJO Pottery * Mee o Mi * Toy World

Torpedo 7 * Hunting and Fishing * Bell Block Florist * Tartan Rose

Green Acres Bell Block * Allied Bell Block * White Pear Cafe * Palmers

Bell Block Pharmacy * Headline Salon * Bout Time Brownies * Neale from Bayleys

Smok'n Comrades * Countdown The Valley * Fleur Devonshire Hair Collection


End of Year Reports are available now on Hero.

Open your Hero app, select the childs name, select learning Rimu/Totara/Kowhai or Kauri - here you will be able to view your childs 2022 report.

Getting a Head Start on 2023

Our first day of school in 2023 is Tuesday 31 January 2023

On this day we have our Head Start Hui

These are short meetings for every student, when the student, parent and teacher meet together to get the school year off to a great start:

  • To build a partnership of learning between whānau and school (whanaungatanga)
  • For our families to share the strengths and dreams for their tamariki
  • For our teachers to listen to and get to know their akonga

Each hui will last about 15 minutes. Book at time that suits you at www.schoolinterviews.co.nz (event: gmdbu)

The purpose of these meetings is whakawhanaungatanga - building strong relationships together. Children come to school with their whānau for their meeting then go home for the rest of the day. The purpose of these meetings is to get to know each other, establish great lines of communication, set some learning goals and get the year off to the best possible start for your child.


Lists for all 2023 classes are available now on https://www.myschool.co.nz/puketapubb

Don’t wait until mid-January when the ‘team of 5 million’ get home from holiday - order now and avoid the back to school rush.

OfficeMax have Laybuy*, so you can pay in 6 weekly, interest-free instalments - and still get your order right away. Or you can pay by internet banking, credit card or debit card.

When you shop on https://www.myschool.co.nz/puketapubb you’ll receive free delivery on orders over $46*. You will also help our school earn school rewards* that we use to purchase much needed extra resources for our school.

* Terms & Conditions apply, see myschool.co.nz for details.

Big picture
If you prefer, you can purchase your stationery from The Warehouse, Office Products or any other supplier. The major suppliers have our lists and a full list is available on our website.


Happy birthday to all those who have Birthdays coming up this week and over the holidays:

  • Taylor Urlich
  • Ethnie Stevens
  • Reeve Hunt
  • Indie Bird
  • Summer Wilkinson
  • Imogen Papprill
  • Rayne Morehu
  • Piper Waldron
  • Blythe Fadlen
  • Sophie Morrison
  • Delylah Hall
  • Ari Marlow
  • Elody Perrett
  • Kaydince Brill
  • Faith O'Brien
  • Kaitlyn Veza
  • Addison Leathley
  • Theo Connole
  • Iona Den-McKay
  • James Smith
  • Charlotte Mangin
  • Lola Parkinson
  • Caydence Roberts
  • Tui Robinson
  • Declan Murphy
  • Emma Hatchard
  • Hoani Adams
  • Maddox Adamson
  • Ellori Papprill
  • Connor Scholtz
  • Parker Smith
  • Briar Walthew
  • Vidyasri Vathada
  • Johnny Read
  • Lucas Speedy
  • Ava Falaniko
  • Kaiba Tuapawa-Poutu
  • Azura Savage
  • Te Waiaurere Mahinekura
  • Lydia Walthew
  • Hudson Ryan
  • Nico Gunther
  • Toby Ryan
  • Lily Ponting
  • Amarni Cooper
  • Skylah Meston

See you Next Year

On behalf of all at Puketapu School, we wish you a safe, fun and refreshing holiday break and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2023.

Pre-season office hours will be:

  • Tuesday 24 January - 10.00-2.00
  • Wednesday 25 January - 10.00-2.00
  • Thursday 26 January - 10.00-2.00
  • Friday 27 January - 10.00-2.00
  • Monday 30 January - closed (Staff Only Day)
  • Tuesday 31 January - normal hours 8.30-3.30