Plantain Paradise

We Sell Delicious Dominican Cuisines.

Our Food

Here at Plantain Paradise we give the people of North Carolina the best Dominican food they will ever try.

We are a sole proprietorship (advantages)

I can do what ever I want because this is my business.
My employees can get paid more since I don't have to split the profit.
Don't have to pay corporate taxes.

Sadly... (disadvantages)

More expensive start up cost.
I have to do lots of work.
I have unlimited liability.
But we will be careful not to get hurt or break something and I will be sure to buy cheap.

Quality working enviroment

My employees are taught safety precautions they must take while working and we will provide them with a 40 minute lunch break and meals at half the regular price.

Not open To Union Labors

I don't need someone else to tell me how to treat my employees.
I will hold meetings once a week so that my employees can tell me what they think should be changed and what should stay (must be within reason).

Green as can be

We properly dispose of oil and waste.
We recycle all glass, paper, and metals.
Any left over food is given to Homeless at a Shelter of our choice (the largest shelter most likely).