Learn about Uranus

Physical properties

The reason why Uranus is blue-greenish color is because of hydrogen and helium .80 percent of its mass or more is made up of an fluid water mix methane and ammonia ices.

the tilt

  • it is rotating on its axis and is tilted the orbital period is 84 earth days. The axis tilt is 97.77 degrees but earths is 23.5.his .Side tilt gives Uranus it unusual seasons.


This is about the orbit and tilt and a little bit more
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Uranus Tilt

ORBITAL Characteristics :

the average distance from the sun 1.783,939,400.Uranus is made up of 82.5 percent of hydrogen,15.2 percent helium,and 2.3 percent methane. Urauns is also apart of the Giant planets also, the core is made up of iron and magnesium-silicate.

Uranus Moons

  • Uranus has 27 moons,the first 4 is named after English literature and spirits .The first moons to get discovered are Oberon and Titania Uranus has 27 moons