Airplanes in the War

by deedee

Air... and.... planes

Airplanes at the time were basic and crude. aircraft had been far more sophisticated as time went on and had differentiated into fighters, short and long-range bombers.

The development of aircraft

Aircrafts were a war requirement and there were a proper way to use them during war. "At the start of the war in August 1914, British airmen were part of the British Army and commissioned officers had army ranks. By the end of the war in November 1918 the Royal Flying Corps no longer existed and was absorbed into the newly created Royal Air Force."

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how it started

The first powered flight was in 1903 when the Wright brothers flew their own hand made aircraft. Crossing the English Channel was Louis Blèriot in 1909 with the first powered travel with the aircrafts.In the beginning aircraft were thought to be of little use. An unknown British general spoke: "The airplane is useless for the purposes of war.”

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Fighting Aircraft of WWI