African American Progressive

15th Amendment

Prohibited any state from denying anyone the right to vote due to race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

Taking Away These Rights

1. Poll tax - most couldn't pay the fee

2. Literacy - many couldn't read or write properly

3. Grandfather Clause - If you had an ancestor that could vote in 1867 then you were able to bypass the other tests, this mainly applied to the white men.

4. Jim Crow Laws - Discrimination and Segregation

Ida B. Wells

- African American Women

- Led a fearless crusade against lynching

- Wanted a fair trial for those convicted of a crime

- Even though the anti-lynching bill was denied, lynchings went down.

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Booker T. Washington

- Was recommended to be a leader to train other black leaders

- Encouraged development of African American Business

- Atlanta Compromise - which helped the african americans focus on education

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W. E. B. Du Bois

- Didn't see any advantage of giving up civil rights

- Worked hard to try to fight discrimination

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Plessy v. Ferguson

- Plessy challenged a law that made africans ride in another train car from whites.

- Separate but Equal was supposed to be the outcome, yet the races were never equal.

- They were even know as inferior.

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