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Term 2 Week 8

Just for Fun

Create a message using buildings from all over the world! Check out Geogreeting for a little bit of fun.

I've set a challenge for my class to create messages and explore the world while doing so.

Feel free to drop by our blog and leave us a geogreeting in the comments section. Thanks!

Carnazzo's Class

Carnazzo's Class is a fabulous wiki that contains class projects and activity ideas from the past 5 years. Read about the activity, see student work samples and then have a go yourself!

Be Creative!!

Draw A Stickman

Draw a Stickman - Inspire creativity. Try this out yourself before you ask your students to give it a go. A great precursor to the FREE iPad app by the same name: Draw a Stickman: EPIC

If you like this then why not try Scribblenauts, where their motto is "THINK IT! DRAW IT! SOLVE IT!"

Kano - Make Art

Looking to include some coding in your lessons? Want to combine computational thinking and art? Check out this website -

Shared by Susan Leamon (Yammer)

Online readers

Discovering Australia: Dreamtime and Beyond

This series of 8 titles explores a variety of Australian topics using a Dreaming story as the impetus. Several topics are covered within each title and are presented using a variety of genres and using a range of media.

Dorling Kindersley's Find Out!

DK Find Out is a refeature, firstly because it is an awesome website but also because it now works perfectly on an iPad too!

So many high quality annotated diagrams make it a terrific source when investigating informative texts. It also goes hand in hand with the web tool/iPad app ThingLink.

Web Tools

Online Audio Converters

Media.oi is a very simple and easy to use online converter that converts video and audio files to mp3, wavs, wmas, and oggs in varying qualities.

This site does the exact same thing and does it just as well - simply another alternative.

Want to know more?

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