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What it's Like

Turkey is a pretty large country holding 71.2 million people. 99% of the people are Muslims. The climate there is hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Severe earthquakes often occur in turkey causing mass destruction and death. They best industries are in oil refinery and textile and clothing. More information on this country will be announced later.

Say Hello to Turkey


I discovered that bedouins are nomadi desert people. They travel the the desert a lot. They wander a lot not walk. Sometimes they ride there camels. They also follow a certain traditional way.


Desalination is the process in wich a machine takes salt out of water. Many countries have this process for jobs. They have a building surrounded by water on the shore of the ocean. The machine then takes the salt out of the water.

What are their people like?

Most Turkey's live in the northern part of Anatolia, or the plateau region rimmed by mountains. Others live on coastline planes and in valleys. Turkish is the official language.

Do turkeys people farm?

Turkeys people do farm. They live on coastal areas. They raise livestock and plant crops such as tobacco, cotton, fruits, and nut for export.on the drier lands, farmers grow mostly wheat and barley for use at home.

Where is Turkey?

Turkey is above Syria. To the north west of Iran. In sounthern Europe and southwest Asia. It is between the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea.