Peek of the Week 10/12

Are we a family or a team?

Principal Message

I am looking forward to Monday's PD. I really want us to enjoy the day of learning and collaboration. These days are special for our team. Make it count!

Parent Conferences

Thank you for all the preparation. It is very evident how much work you put in. The goal is 100% communication before the end of October. Keep your log until it gets there. We are starting to collect them if you are there! Persist. No excuses. Phone conversations count.

Brain Pop

If you are using this routinely, let me know. The prices of this has gone up and we may not be able to pay if it is not widely used on campus. I need to know your teams' response by end of week.


We had 25 grants turned in! Cross your fingers! Some of you have great ideas.

Advisory Team

Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 3:30pm


All grade level chairs, and Bales and Goodnight