By:Brianna Oughton

European Union

Poland joined the European Union in 2004.It is not one of the founding European Union countries.

History of Poland

Poland began in the middle of the 10th century.By mid-16th century Poland ruled land in central and eastern Europe.During the 18th century it weakened and country fought for its land.Slovakia won its land temporary but Poland won it back in 1990.Poland is located in central Europe.poland is east of Germany.

Poland flag

The Poland flag has two equal horizontal band of white and red.The colors are from the polish emblem a white eagle on a red field.

Capital and major countries

The capital of Poland is Warsaw.Four major cities in Poland are Kraków,Wrocław,Gdańsk,Poznań.

Poland tourism

In Poland people mostly go to the royal palace at Warsel because it's wear the royal family lived.Also the old town because its the oldest part of the capital Warsaw.

Poland geography

Poland has more than 2000 lakes.Poland has densely wooded.
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Poland government

Poland government in democratic.