Teen Homelessness

Get teens off the streets!

Facts about teen homelessness:

*There are approximately 1.7 million homeless teens in the U.S.
*About 40% of teens qualify as LGBT ( lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender)
* The average age of homeless teens is 14.7 years old.
*Over 50% of youth in homeless shelters report that their parents told them to leave home or knew that they were leaving and didn't try to stop them.
* Over 5,000 youth die every year on the streets due to assault, illness or suicide.
* A third of all homeless teens will attempt suicide.

Causes of teen homelessness:

The two main causes of teen homelessness are family problems and severe poverty. Most common causes of teen homelessness are somehow related to either of these root causes. Some of these causes include physical, emotional, sexual, and substance abuse, sexual orientation, pregnancy, mental illness, neglect, unaffordable housing, and many more. Things like these cause teens to feel as though they have to leave home or cause parents feel unable to care for their teen.

Effects of teen homelessness:

Being homelessness has an extremely negative affect on teens. Being homeless causes causes instability which makes it almost impossible for teens to attend school, become employed and stay employed, and stay healthy. Living on the streets can cause teens to become involved with drugs and alcohol, and violence. It can also cause teens to develop problems such anxiety disorders, depression, and Posttraumatic stress disorders. Teens on the streets will do anything to stay alive, and this can cause them to get into a lot of trouble.

How to help:

Homeless teens often can't help themselves. But you can help them by learning about teen Homelessness and leading these teen in the right direction by getting them to a local foster home. Visit http://www.nationalhomeless.org/factsheets/youth.html to learn more about teen homelessness. Here is a list of foster homes for adults and youth in Oregon:
* Boys & Girls Aid
* Bethany Foster Care Adoption
* State of Oregon Foster Care
* Oregon Foster Youth Connection