The way to earn money online

What does Bannersbroker do ?


Banners Broker is an innovative online advertising company (founded in October 2010 by Chris Smith) that offers affiliates the opportunity to advertise their business online while simultaneously earning publishing revenue. Banners Broker places your advertising on the publishing network and as an Ad-Pub Combo member you earn your initial advertising cost back twice. Moreover, you don’t even need to own your own business or website. If you don’t have a business or website, you can promote your own free Banners Broker affiliate website.

Banners Broker And Online Advertising

Billions of dollars are yearly being spent on online advertising by companies or home based business owners all over the world. Pay-per-click services like Facebook PPC, Youtube PPC, Google AdWords… are creating enormous amounts of revenues for their companies. While none of those companies share that revenue, Banners Broker pays you 200% of your initial advertising costs. So besides a way to advertise your business online, Banners Broker also provides its customers with a method to earn residual income.


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