Elizabeth I

McKensie Marshall

Queen Elizabeth I (Political, Economic and Religious)

Queen Elizabeth was queen of England from 1558 until her death in 1603. Her reign is often called the Golden Age or the Elizabethan Age because it was a time of great achievement in England. Elizabeth made the Church of England, a Protestant religious group, the country's main church.


  • 1533: Queen Elizabeth I was born
  • 1554: Elizabeth becomes arrested for being involved with the attempt to overthrow Queen Mary
  • 1558: Elizabeth becomes queen of England
  • 1554: Elizabeth becomes imprisoned for suspicion of being involved with the overthrowing of Queen Mary
  • 1587: England became supreme navel power with Queen Elizabeth leading the army to prevail against the Spanish
  • 1603: Queen Elizabeth I dies

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Summary of Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth was one of the most influential people during the Middle Ages because she was able to a country by herself, which is why she was referred to as the Virgin Queen. Queen Elizabeth was able to lead her army to a strong victory against the Spanish in 1587 and gave an exceptional speech in 1601 when she was beginning to become unpopular towards her subjects. She also created The Act of Supremacy in 1559, this passed requiring public officials to take an oath acknowledging the Sovereign's control over the Church or face severe punishment.

Queen Elizabeth: The only royal to be loyal