Tech-KNOW-ology Notes

December 2014

Are You Collaborating with the CRS?

Don't forget that each grade level should be meeting with the CRS for collaboration at least once every quarter, if not more often. We are in the second quarter and there are grade levels that I haven't met with yet. Collaboration sessions with the CRS do not have to take an entire planning period. Just 10-30 minutes can really pay off for you and your grade level. Collaboration can be beneficial because the CRS can be scheduled to teach or co-teach lessons, create lessons and flipcharts, and provide resources for units that you are teaching. Using technology in the classroom is much easier to do when you have the CRS there to provide directions and share in the teaching. It's never to early to start scheduling for future collaboration sessions with the CRS.

NEW ETT Service Request Form

Whenever you need technical assistance from the CRS or LMS you are asked to complete an ETT Service Request Form. The procedure is the same as before, but the form has changed. In order to better serve the teachers and staff, we have created an updated form. The link to this form is in the middle of the Teacher Portal (just as before). Whenever a request is submitted, the LMS and CRS will be alerted. We will try our best to complete the task as soon as possible. Please see the CRS or LMS if you have any questions about this procedure.

You can submit an ETT Request for anything from scheduling a lesson to fixing the sound on your TV tuner. It is best practice to submit a request rather than send the specialist an email. Often emails get overlooked or pushed to the bottom of the list. If you mention something to the CRS or LMS in the hallway or at lunch, please follow up by submitting a request. Often we forgot what was mentioned in passing.

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iPad App of the Month - TimeLine

TimeLine by ReadWriteThink is a very versitle application. It is easy to use for students in grades 1-5. Besides creating a basic timeline to show a specfiic period in time or history, think about creating a timeline to show the steps in a science experiment, the life of a plant or animal, or events in a novel study. Not only can you access this app on the school iPads, it is also available online for students to use in the Computer Lab or classroom. Here's a sample of a completed timeline. Please let me know if you are interested in working using the Timeline app, I'd be happy to share it with you and your class in a Lab or classroom lesson.

CRS Out of Building - December 8 & 9

I will be attending the annual state educational technology conference (VSTE), next Monday and Tuesday. I will return to the building on Wednesday morning.

Web-Based Learning Activities

Addition & Subtraction

Map Skills

Word Families & Beginning Sounds

Colonial Period