Warren Middle school Activities

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The purpose of art is to help people become more creative and calm. If you are in art you have a chance to be in an art show!!! You could also Learn how to to write better and clearer. Art can be difficult if you write sloppy.


The purpose of band is to: help people learn how to play instruments, you can leave school early (only on some days), and you get to be in concerts!! Only the bad thing is that if your reed breaks it cost thirty-six dollars!


The main purpose of robotics is to help people learn about technology. You can also: play with robots, play on computers, and take apart stuff. Robotics is difficult because it's expensive and you have to buy a lot of stuff.


The purpose of athletics is to teach kids punishment. Athletics can help kid stamina, mental capacity, strength, and speed. Athletics is difficult because of the punishment and you have to get there by 6:00 A.M